Understanding Employee Well-being

Employee well-being surveys are crucial as they provide valuable insights into job satisfaction, mental health, and overall employee wellness. These insights can guide organizations in making necessary improvements to enhance the work environment and employee satisfaction. UKG plays a vital role in employee well-being by offering HCM solutions that simplify employees’ tasks and reduce stress. To further enhance employee well-being, UKG users can leverage CloudApper’s hrPad, an AI-powered tablet/iPad-based HR service delivery solution.

The Role of Surveys in Assessing Well-being

An employee well-being survey is crucial for organizations as it allows them to assess their employees’ mental, physical, and financial well-being. In the modern work environment, especially with organizations with thousands of employees, it can be challenging for managers to keep track of their team’s well-being. Employees may feel uncomfortable expressing their struggles, making these surveys a non-invasive way to check their well-being. The data collected from these surveys can help identify any issues employees are experiencing and support the development of mental health and well-being procedures within the organization. This ensures that employees feel heard and supported and can have a tangible impact on the organization’s performance.CloudApper’s hrPad can simplify the survey process by offering its accessible and engaging survey feature to UKG-integrated organizations.

7 Ways hrPad Makes Employee Well-being Surveys Easy

CloudApper’s hrPad can transform any tablet or iPad into an AI-powered HR assistant and allows UKG-integrated organizations to conduct employee well-being surveys seamlessly. Whether you’re using UKG Pro, Ready, Dimension, or WFM, hrPad can effortlessly sync with these solutions to ensure employee well-being.

Plug and Play

CloudApper’s hrPad seamlessly integrates with the UKG ecosystem, granting UKG users instant access to the survey feature, just like plug-and-play.

Automated Clock-out Surveys:

During employee clock-out, hrPad randomly selects and presents predetermined survey questions, optimizing feedback collection.

AI-Enhanced Survey Results

The results of hrPad’s surveys are instantly available for HR review, with AI capabilities providing significant aid in data visualization and interpretation.

Time and Resource Savings

Streamlining surveys through hrPad saves HR valuable time and resources previously spent on laborious survey-related activities.

Technology-Driven Engagement

CloudApper hrPad’s instant job satisfaction surveys conducted during clock-outs provide a more engaging experience for employees than traditional paper-based surveys that often contain lengthy questions.

Privacy and Security Assurance

CloudApper hrPad ensures the privacy and security of employee information, creating an environment conducive to honest and open feedback.

Versatile Accessibility

CloudApper hrPad provides seamless accessibility for UKG-integrated organizations, making it compatible with both iOS and Android tablets. Tablets and iPads can be effortlessly deployed to a wide range of employees, enabling them to utilize hrPad’s engaging survey feature easily.

Examples of Well-being Survey Questions for Employees

Crafting well-designed survey questions is essential to gather meaningful insights into employee well-being. Here are some examples of well-being survey questions to consider:

  1. How would you rate your overall job satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10?
  2. Do you feel supported by your immediate supervisor/manager?
  3. Are you able to maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  4. Do you have access to the resources and tools necessary to perform your job effectively?
  5. Have you experienced excessive stress or anxiety related to work in the past month?
  6. Are you satisfied with the communication channels within the organization?
  7. Do you feel recognized and appreciated for your contributions?
  8. Are there any specific areas where you would like to see improvement in the workplace?

FAQs about CloudApper hrPad

Does hrPad offer survey creation tools?

Yes, hrPad provides user-friendly survey creation tools that allow organizations to design customized surveys tailored to their specific needs.

Are hrPad surveys anonymous?

Yes, hrPad prioritizes employee privacy and anonymity, ensuring that respondents can provide honest feedback without fear of repercussions.

How do I create a survey in hrPad?

Creating a survey in hrPad is simple and intuitive. Users can access the survey creation tools, design questions, distribute surveys, and analyze results—all within the hrPad platform.


CloudApper’s hrPad is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of conducting employee well-being surveys within the UKG framework. Its AI capabilities provide valuable insights, automate feedback reports, and save HR professionals valuable time and resources. If you’re a UKG user looking to streamline your survey processes, it’s time to consider CloudApper’s hrPad.Get started with hrPad today and transform your approach to employee well-being surveys.