Unlocking the potential of AI, employee self-service (ESS) has become a cornerstone in HR operations, allowing employees to seamlessly handle various job-related tasks like reimbursement requests, personal information updates, and access to benefits information. What was once entangled in paperwork or managed by HR staff has now evolved into a sophisticated, AI-driven solution. Artificial intelligence has not only modernized ESS but has also become a catalyst for transforming workflows, boosting engagement, and elevating the overall employee experience.

Embracing the evolution of employee self-service (ESS), CloudApper’s hrPad takes this transformation to the next level. CloudApper’s hrPad offers an HR service delivery solution installable on any tablet or iPad. Departing from traditional paper-based processes, hrPad integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide a dynamic platform for efficient, user-friendly, personalized employee self-service. 

Additionally, hrPad seamlessly integrates with UKG HCM solutions, enhancing the overall HR ecosystem by combining AI-driven capabilities with the robust features of UKG HCM. Users can leverage the strengths of both hrPad and UKG HCM for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Why use CloudApper’s hrPad employee self-service?

Envision a workplace where hrPad, a dynamic kiosk application, is used to facilitate employee interactions with HR processes. hrPad is your AI-powered HR assistant, revolutionizing the way employees manage things like punch submissions, self-service actions, recruitment activities, and HR support. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android tablets and integrates easily with UKG solutions.

  • Dynamic Kiosk Experience:

Seamless self-service interface through tablet/iPad devices to empower employees.

  • Universal Compatibility:

Works seamlessly with iOS iPads or Android tablets and integrates effortlessly with UKG solutions.

  • AI-Powered Efficiency:

Enjoy a user-friendly AI-powered solution for punch submissions, self-service actions, and even recruitment processes.

  • Unparalleled Control:

Take charge of employee well-being, time capture, compliance, and job satisfaction like never before.

  • Intuitive Interface:

Navigate schedules, request time off, and access timecards effortlessly through the intuitive AI-powered interface.

  • Secure Identity Verification:

Prioritize employee security with face ID, QR codes, barcodes, or NFC for a personalized and secure self-service experience.

Benefits of CloudAper’s hrPad Employee Self-Service

Elevating Efficiency with AskHR:

In the traditional HR landscape, a significant portion of time is consumed by routine administrative tasks and responding to employee inquiries. Enter hrPad’s AskHR AI chatbot—an innovative solution trained on diverse datasets, including compliance details, policies, and employee benefits. This chatbot serves as an invaluable assistant, allowing employees to seamlessly pose queries and receive automated responses.

The strategic automation brought by AskHR significantly reduces the need for additional human resources professionals, cutting down on extensive training sessions. This shift in focus enables HR departments to channel their efforts toward more impactful endeavors, marking a peak in efficiency and effectiveness within the HR landscape.

Streamlining PTO Management:

Effortless time-off request approvals are at the core of hrPad’s capabilities. The system empowers employees to seamlessly track paid time-off hours and submit requests, navigating automated approval channels. This not only enhances the user experience for employees but also equips managers with valuable insights into sick days and time patterns, facilitating improved planning for employee absences.

Transformative HR Automation:

CloudApper’s hrPad goes beyond traditional HR management, ushering in seamless automation across various tasks. Personalized employee portals and advanced Employee Self-Service (ESS) solutions redefine autonomy for employees. From streamlined time capture through face ID, QR codes, barcodes, or NFC to automated surveys for instant job satisfaction feedback during clock-outs, hrPad empowers employees to manage schedules, request time off, access timecards, and receive prompt answers to HR queries. This comprehensive automation fosters an efficient and autonomous workforce.

Ensuring Compliance for Fair Pay:

Keeping an eye on the fair pay compliance requirements is essential when navigating the complex employment law landscape. EEO, FMLA, and OSHA compliance can all be greatly aided by the use of hrPad’s features, especially those found in employee self-service. Our AI-powered solution, hrPad, allows employees to manage their schedules, request time off, and view their time cards, simplifying compliance reporting and lowering the risk of penalties associated with non-compliance.

Strategic Talent Acquisition:

Revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy with CloudApper hrPad’s “Attract and Retain Top Talent” feature. This innovative functionality simplifies candidate searches, allowing employees to seamlessly refer potential candidates, trimming the time spent on recruitment and realizing cost savings. Dive into the power of hrPad’s “Job Opening” feature, streamlining the broadcasting of job opportunities and providing candidates with a standardized and efficient evaluation process.


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