Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a game-changer in the HR technology landscape, especially in the area of talent acquisition. The recruitment industry is changing due to the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in applicant tracking systems (ATS). 66% of talent acquisition leaders expect their recruiting teams to stay the same size or shrink despite an expected increase in hiring volume. Recruiters in this frantic atmosphere must overcome the difficulty of doing more with less. This article delves into the role of AI for recruitment, spotlighting the remarkable impact of solutions like CloudApper hrPad, setting a new standard for a seamless and expedited recruitment process.

What is CloudApper AI’s Role in Recruitment?

CloudApper’s hrPad is a game-changing AI-driven talent acquisition solution. This innovative platform stands out as an AI for recruitment powerhouse aligned with organizational needs. As the demand for hiring intensifies, hrPad proves to be a versatile solution, empowering recruiters to accomplish more with limited resources. What sets hrPad apart is its seamless integration with various UKG solutions, including WFC, Pro, Pro WFM, and Ready. This integration delivers a comprehensive and intelligent approach to streamline recruitment processes and enhance your talent acquisition strategy, making hrPad a leading player in the era of AI for recruitment.

AI Recruitment Features of CloudApper’s hrPad:

  • Seamless announcement of job openings within the organization through hrPad.
  • Employees can view job openings in the dedicated section and refer positions to their network via SMS.
  • The applied candidate’s resume is efficiently directed to HR through hrPad.
  • AI analytics swiftly generate unbiased key points about the candidate, ensuring a fair evaluation.
  • Automatically formats diverse resumes into a uniform structure for HR convenience.
  • Offers candidates the option to include themselves in the organization’s talent pool, maintaining a pool of potential candidates effortlessly and at no additional cost.

Benefits of AI-Powered Recruiting With CloudApper’s hrPad

Automating High-Volume Tasks

Addressing the pressing issue of managing increased hiring volumes amid static or reduced team sizes, CloudApper’s hrPad offers an innovative solution by automating critical high-volume tasks by streamlining the time-consuming manual resume screening process. hrPad standardizes candidate resumes, presenting recruiters with a uniform format. Leveraging AI for Recruitment, the platform provides recruiters with essential candidate information and facilitates efficient interview shortlisting. hrPad’s AI assistant, AskHR, can seamlessly engage in conversations with recruiters,  retrieving any queries they pose about candidates. AskHR is designed to streamline communication and information retrieval, ensuring recruiters have the insights they need at their fingertips,

Optimizing Quality of Hire through Employee Referrals

CloudApper’s hrPad transforms the recruitment landscape by emphasizing the quality of hiring with its innovative AI-driven employee referral system. Within hrPad’s user-friendly job opening menu, employees effortlessly navigate available opportunities within the organization and, with a straightforward SMS referral, extend these prospects to their network. This streamlined process ensures that potential candidates seamlessly integrate into the hiring pipeline upon receiving an SMS notification with an application link.

Building Inclusive Talent Pool Feature

CloudApper’s hrPad introduces a strategic feature that allows candidates to join the organization’s talent pool voluntarily. This unique offering enables candidates to express interest in potential future opportunities within the company, extending beyond the specific position they originally applied for. By opting into the talent pool, candidates seamlessly become part of a valuable resource for the organization to access effortlessly. This feature simplifies the recruitment process and allows the organization to maintain a dynamic and readily available talent pool at no additional cost.

Leveraging Conversational AI for Employee Onboarding

Transforming the landscape of employee onboarding, CloudApper’s hrPad incorporates conversational AI to create a smooth and straightforward experience for new hires. Adopting conversational AI brings a notable shift in the traditional method where HR managers invest significant time addressing common queries about company tools, rules, and procedures. The AskHR AI for recruitment chatbot, a pivotal element of hrPad’s functionality, adeptly handles frequently asked questions about company policies, benefits, insurance, compliances, and more. This not only conserves valuable time and resources but also improves accessibility, enabling new employees to access information at their convenience, thereby fostering engagement and enhancing satisfaction during the onboarding process.


Embarking on the evolving talent acquisition landscape, CloudApper’s hrPad emerges as an asset for discerning UKG users aiming to elevate their recruitment strategy. To elevate your recruitment strategy and navigate the evolving landscape of HR technology, take the next step with hrPad. Book a demo today and witness firsthand how hrPad can empower your team to achieve more with less!