In the modern workplace, empowering frontline employees to create a positive work environment and improve operational efficiency is crucial. However, a significant challenge arises as 52% of frontline workers contemplate leaving their jobs due to the perceived inadequacy of tech tools. This emphasizes the critical role of accessible and versatile AI employee technology in the digital employee experience. CloudApper’s hrPad emerges as a groundbreaking solution within the UKG HCM framework, providing an AI-powered tablet/iPad-based HRSD solution that seamlessly integrates with various UKG solutions, ensuring a secure, user-friendly, and personalized experience. 

In this article, we will discuss empowered frontline employees’ transformative potential in the organization and how CloudApper’s hrPad meets frontline employees’ needs in the UKG HCM infrastructure. Join us as we explore hrPad’s innovative features and how they help frontline workers make informed decisions, streamline processes, and improve their work experience.

Why Empowered Frontline Employees are important? 

Empowered frontline employees hold paramount importance for UKG HCM users as it directly contributes to the overall success of an organization. These employees, often the face of the company, play a pivotal role in customer interactions, service delivery, and operational efficiency. Empowered frontline employees streamline administrative processes and develop a sense of ownership and responsibility. This results in a more agile and efficient workforce, allowing the organization to succeed in the highly competitive business environment. In the context of UKG HCM, the emphasis on empowering frontline employees aligns with the overarching goal of creating a digitally integrated and engaged workforce, ultimately driving success and operational excellence.

Tips for Empowering Frontline Employees with hrPad

Employee Self-Service

Implement UKG HCM self-service to give frontline workers autonomy and decision-making. Face ID-enabled time capture in CloudApper’s hrPad helps employees manage their schedules and tasks. This user-friendly AI-powered solution lets them input time, request time off, and access timecards easily, instilling ownership and responsibility. Beyond that, hrPad securely verifies employee identities using face ID, QR codes, barcodes, or NFC for private and secure access. Secure punch submissions and visibility into schedules, timecards, and accrued time off promote transparency and efficiency on the platform. hrPad streamlines PTO requests, tip submissions, and other essential processes for a complete and empowering Employee Self-Service experience.

Solicit Regular Feedback

Actively engage frontline employees in the feedback loop within the UKG framework. CloudApper’s hrPad streamlines the process with instant job satisfaction surveys and questions during clock-ins and outs. This technology-driven approach encourages employees to provide feedback conveniently, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. By promptly implementing valuable suggestions, hrPad contributes to enhanced operational excellence and job satisfaction.

Support Employees with Accessible Technology

As the introduction stated, 52% of frontline workers consider leaving jobs due to inaccessible tech tools; HR professionals can significantly impact the digital employee experience by investing in desk-less worker-specific technology platforms, which will also be seamlessly integrated into the UKG infrastructure. CloudApper addresses these needs through hrPad, an AI-powered solution designed for Android tablets and iPads. This versatile solution enhances the digital experience for desk-less workers by being accessible through a tablet/iPad and seamlessly integrating with UKG solutions like UKG-WF-Central, UKG-Pro, UKG-Dimensions, and UKG-Ready. The 24/7 AI Assistant within hrPad ensures swift responses to HR-related queries, providing enhanced accessibility and empowering frontline employees.


Empowering frontline employees within the UKG HCM framework is essential for a dynamic and efficient workforce. hrPad successfully addresses the three key tips for creating an empowered environment: self-service empowerment, regular feedback solicitation, and accessible technology support. It’s time to transform the frontline experience—take the next step in revolutionizing your employee empowerment journey and embrace the future with CloudApper hrPad.