Pay equality, often known as the notion of receiving equal compensation for equal labor regardless of factors such as gender, age, race, or ethnicity, is a topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention in the modern workplace. The process of ensuring that a company pays its employees fairly can be difficult and time consuming, despite the fact that many companies are making active efforts in this direction. This is where CloudApper comes in, as it offers a dashboard and reports that are simple to use and have the potential to make the pay equity review process in UKG HCM more efficient.

The ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data is one of the most important aspects of the process of reviewing pay equality. The custom dashboards and reports that may be generated by CloudApper come in handy at this point. CloudApper is able to swiftly translate employee salary data from UKG Pro and Dimensions systems into visuals. These visualizations make it easy to monitor your complete workforce and investigate pay inequalities. CloudApper has the ability to import employee wage data from these systems.

The compensation dashboard is one example of a pay equity review dashboard that is regularly utilized. This dashboard presents a summary of information pertaining to all employees’ wage ranges, age groupings, race, gender equity, ethnicity, and more. Users are able to rapidly dive down to explore specific segments of the workforce and observe where pay inequalities exist thanks to filters that may be customized by the user. You may, for instance, select a filter based on gender to investigate whether or not the company has any wage disparities between the genders.

CloudApper’s custom dashboards are highly configurable, which means that virtually any employee wage-related data can be used to visualize any kind of pay-related analytics. This flexibility allows CloudApper to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. This enables companies to adapt their procedures for evaluating pay equity to the particular requirements and concerns of their company.

CloudApper’s ability to automate certain portions of the pay equity review process is an additional advantage of using the platform in this capacity. Users have the ability to set up automatic notifications through CloudApper’s workflow engine in the event that an employee’s pay needs to be altered as a result of a step progression or any other modifications. This helps to limit the likelihood of mistakes being made by humans and ensures that compensation changes are handled in a timely way.

In addition to the dashboard, CloudApper offers a selection of reports that may be consulted in order to conduct additional research concerning pay equality inside the company. Users are able to construct reports, for instance, that display the distribution of compensation according to department, job title, or any other pertinent criteria. After gathering this information, one can utilize it to identify regions in which wage discrepancies exist and then take steps to address those gaps.

In general, CloudApper’s pay equity review process is a user-friendly and adaptable solution that may assist businesses in ensuring that they are paying their staff members in a fair and equitable manner. CloudApper is a crucial tool for any organization that wants to promote pay equity in the workplace since it can import data from systems such as UKG Pro and Dimensions, convert that data using the workflow engine, and create visualizations that make it easy to spot pay inequities.