Employee disengagement has reached alarming levels worldwide, resulting in decreased productivity, increased turnover, and significant economic losses. A recent Gallup poll, “State of the Global Workplace 2023,” shed light on the disengagement epidemic, revealing that a staggering number of workers are stressed and disengaged. Let’s delve into the disengagement crisis, explore its impact, and learn how CloudApper’s hrGPT solution for UKG can help organizations in reducing employee disengagement and maintain a more productive workforce.

The Employee Disengagement Crisis

According to Gallup, 59% of workers are quiet quitting or aren’t engaged, whereas 18% are loud quitting or are actively disengaged but still working. This level of low engagement also has a profound impact on the global economy – it might cost approximately $9 trillion! As per the report, instead of just pay and benefits, most workers want autonomy and clearer goals.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end – there’s more bad news regarding employee disengagement. The report further revealed that stress levels during work are at an all-time high – with 44% of employees experiencing significant stress.

All of these alarming stats show that organizations need to work seriously toward reducing employee disengagement. Fortunately, for UKG users, hrGPT by CloudApper can help improve employee engagement by empowering them – let’s explore how.

Reducing Employee Disengagement with hrGPT for UKG

hrGPT powered by CloudApper AI is a powerful tool to combat employee disengagement and improve the overall employee experience. By utilizing AI-powered automation and natural language interactions, hrGPT empowers employees by streamlining HCM tasks and providing seamless access to vital HCM information at their fingertips using smartphones.

Automating HCM Tasks and Streamlining Workflows

With hrGPT, organizations using UKG can transform HCM processes easily using AI. Employees can access and submit HCM information by engaging with hrGPT right from their smartphones. As a result, instead of navigating complex systems or waiting for assistance, employees can use hrGPT to complete HCM tasks efficiently and independently. Workflow automation via hrGPT simplifies processes such as accessing schedules, requesting time off, submitting punches, and more, reducing administrative burdens and enabling HR staff to focus on their core responsibilities – reducing employee disengagement in the process.

Natural Language Interactions and Customizable Interactions

hrGPT’s natural language capabilities enable employees to communicate with the solution using their own words, just as if they are messaging their colleague – enhancing usability and engagement. CloudApper AI helps UKG users customize hrGPT interactions to align with their specific organizational needs. For instance, employees can ask the solution questions, seek policy information, inquire about HR procedures, and receive personalized responses – helping improve employee engagement.

hrGPT Helps in Reducing Employee Disengagement

The disengagement crisis poses significant challenges for organizations worldwide. However, CloudApper’s hrGPT solution for UKG provides a powerful tool to reduce disengagement and improve the employee experience. By automating HCM tasks, facilitating natural language interactions, and empowering employees with streamlined workflows, hrGPT empowers organizations to create and nurture a more engaged, productive, and resilient workforce.

Leverage the power of CloudApper hrGPT for UKG and take a proactive approach to foster employee engagement, enhance productivity, and drive organizational success by contacting us today.