Your frontline employees are your secret weapon. When they are happy and engaged, they make the whole company thrive. While UKG offers tools to keep them motivated, AI can take things to the next level.

That’s where hrPad comes in.

Imagine turning any tablet/iPad into an employee engagement solution! That’s what CloudApper’s hrPad does. It also seamlessly integrates with UKG HCM to improve frontline engagement and reduce turnover. This award-winning solution tailors learning, benefits, and even HR tasks to each individual, making work more satisfying and efficient.

Lack of Engagement: A Pandemic Impacting Frontline Retention

Engaging frontline employees is a growing crisis impacting all kinds of businesses. A shockingly low number of companies prioritize keeping these vital workers connected and satisfied. This neglect creates a “pandemic” of disengagement, especially compared to the focus on office workers.

Why is it so hard to boost frontline engagement? Their jobs are often mobile and unpredictable. They also miss out on the HR support their office counterparts receive. On top of that, over 40% of companies admit their frontline workers lack the tech skills to use digital tools for communication and engagement, further isolating them.

This disengagement has several causes. Frontline employees may experience feelings of isolation and disconnection from the company’s mission due to their physical distance from the organization. Feeling disempowered by management and having stressful work conditions also contribute to low morale and motivation.

So, how can companies fix this? They need strategies specifically designed for frontline workers. Providing quality digital tools for accessing information wherever they are is a great start. This helps them feel informed and connected to the bigger picture.

Improving Frontline Engagement with CloudApper AI

CloudApper hrPad is an innovative solution that enhances the frontline engagement experience by integrating AI with UKG’s HCM system. This powerful combination offers a range of offerings that empower frontline workers and make their work lives more efficient and fulfilling.

Imagine this: your frontline employees have a tablet in hand, ready to take control of their work lives. Here’s how:

Easy access: Get hrPad on iPads or Android tablets, devices familiar to your team. No clunky software, just a tap away from managing their work.

Frontline in charge: Punch in/out, view shifts, swap schedules, request time off – hrPad puts control in your employees’ hands, boosting efficiency and ownership.

Feeling valued: Let frontline participate in hiring! hrPad lets them refer open job positions to their network through a simple SMS.

24/7 HR Support: hrPad’s built-in AI assistant is available 24/7, answering questions and providing instant support to frontline employees.

Smart training: Let the frontline learn at their convenience with AI-powered training modules and resources, ensuring consistent and effective onboarding for everyone.

Make Frontline Voice Matter: Let frontline share their feedback through hrPad pulse surveys, helping your company understand their needs and improve the work environment for everyone.

The frontline revolution is here: 

CloudApper hrPad isn’t just a tool; it’s a cultural shift. By integrating AI with accessibility, empowerment, and real-time support, hrPad redefines frontline engagement, boosting productivity, satisfaction, and the bottom line. It’s time to ditch the old script and empower your frontline heroes – contact us now!