Heluna Health, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public health and well-being, has a large number of employees working towards improving health. Communicating with thousands of employees can be pretty cumbersome, and the organization has faced several challenges. Heluna Health sought a comprehensive solution that integrates with its existing solution, UKG Pro, to enhance its mission and overcome these challenges regarding employee communication. Once researched, Heluna Health chose hrGPT by the CloudApper Solution Community for UKG. This custom solution effectively streamlined their employee experience and addressed their challenges regarding employee experience and communication. Let’s explore Heluna Health’s challenges and how CloudApper’s custom hrGPT solution effectively solved them.

Challenges Heluna Health Faced

Heluna Health encountered three significant challenges regarding workforce management:

  1. It needed an efficient and easy message broadcast system to provide critical information and updates to its large workforce.
  2. It required a conversational text platform for seamless two-way natural communication between employees and administrators.
  3. It needed a solution to group employees based on specific criteria so that the former requirements (broadcasting and communication) could be carried out efficiently.

Let’s explore how hrGPT by CloudApper helped Heluna Health solve these critical issues quickly by integrating seamlessly with UKG Pro. Once integration was complete, hrGPT was easily able to pull relevant employee data from UKG Pro and process it for sending emergency alerts and communicating with employees.

Automatic Employee Grouping

The hrGPT solution tackled the challenge of employee grouping for Heluna Health. By leveraging key identifiers that it wanted to use, the solution automated employee grouping easily to enable effective employee communication once it pulled the employee data from UKG Pro. This streamlined approach improved overall management efficiency and allowed for targeted communications based on specific employee groups, ensuring relevant information reached the right individuals without any errors or overlaps.

Streamlined Message Broadcasts

hrGPT by CloudApper effectively resolved Heluna Health’s challenges with message broadcasts. This allows targeted communication by enabling the selection of employee groups, composing customized messages for each group, and broadcasting them simultaneously. Additionally, the solution offered flexibility through customizable message templates, ensuring personalization and relevance in communications. With this capability, Heluna Health could efficiently and consistently communicate important information, announcements, weather alerts, and updates to employees within specific groups, reducing the risk of miscommunication and ensuring a unified workforce.

Effortless Two-Way Communication

Seamless and effective two-way communication was another crucial aspect that hrGPT addressed for Heluna Health. Administrators could now engage in meaningful dialogues with employees, asking questions and offering predefined response options. The AI-powered solution facilitated follow-up actions based on received replies, such as notifying supervisors or initiating further communication. This streamlined communication process empowered employees to have real-time conversations, fostering collaboration, problem-solving and informed decision-making within teams.

Benefits of CloudApper’s Custom Solution for the UKG Customer

With the implementation of hrGPT, Heluna Health experienced several benefits and improvements in their employee experience. The solution facilitated consistent and efficient dissemination of important information, announcements, and updates to all employees simultaneously – helping improve employee safety. This enhanced communication ensured that employees remained well-informed and aligned with the organization’s objectives as well as their own well-being. Additionally, the seamless two-way communication capability fostered collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making within teams, leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

CloudApper is the Perfect Solution for UKG Customizations

By choosing the custom CloudApper solution for UKG Pro, Heluna Health successfully streamlined its employee experience and overcame key employee communication challenges by automating HCM tasks. The hrGPT solution empowered Heluna Health to efficiently broadcast messages, establish two-way communication, and effectively group employees based on specific conditions. Through this implementation, Heluna Health achieved consistent communication, enhanced collaboration, and improved employee satisfaction, furthering its mission of promoting public health and well-being.

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