According to the Deloitte Manufacturing Perception Study, the primary concern for 83% of manufacturers is the ability to attract and retain a skilled workforce. UKG users of the manufacturing industry also face many challenges when it comes to engaging and retaining frontline employees. But, in this era of technology, UKG users can leverage AI to engage frontline employees in manufacturing industry for better retention effortlessly. One such AI-powered solution is CloudApper’s hrPad. CloudApper’s hrPad is an AI-powered Android tablet/iPad-based HRSD solution to engage frontline employees. It seamlessly integrates with the current UKG solutions utilized by manufacturing organizations in order to craft a compelling frontline employee experience.

This article explores the significance of engaging frontline employees in the manufacturing industry. It also mentions the HRSD solution by CloudApper as a potential tool for UKG users looking for effective engagement strategies for the frontline workforce.

Why Engage Frontline Employees in Manufacturing Industry? 

The manufacturing industry grapples with a significant issue—low retention rates. On average, 20 percent of workers and 64 percent of younger employees decide to leave their jobs. In an era of fierce job market competition and decreasing unemployment rates, retaining frontline workers has become imperative for businesses. The consequences of losing skilled and experienced employees extend beyond mere productivity loss; they result in additional expenses associated with recruiting and training new hires. To counter this challenge, businesses must proactively implement measures to engage and satisfy their workforce, ensuring improved retention rates and sustained success.

3 Ways UKG Users Can Use CloudApper to Engage Frontline Employees

Increased Accessibility

hrPad is a reliable solution that can be easily installed on any Android tablet or iPad. It functions as a standalone kiosk, offering frontline employees convenient access to essential information and tools. The kiosk provides users convenient access to all the features of hrPad, leveraging the capabilities of reliable AI technology. The hrPad tablet/iPad will seamlessly integrate with various UKG solutions commonly used by manufacturing companies, including UKG WFC, Pro, Pro WFM, or Ready. This offers the UKG users a highly accessible solution that effectively engages frontline employees in manufacturing industry.

AI Assistant available around the clock

Frontline employees often have limited interaction with HR personnel. Resolving any compliance or benefits-related issues may require some time before reaching HR. CloudApper hrPad is a reliable tool that offers frontline employees in manufacturing industry a convenient solution. It includes a 24/7 AskHR chatbot feature, ensuring constant availability and support. This bot can be extensively trained on accurate and up-to-date compliance and benefits information specific to a manufacturing company that utilizes UKG. It is proficient in addressing various HR-related inquiries from frontline employees in manufacturing industry with ease and accuracy. By providing instant solutions and fostering accessibility, hrPad’s AI assistant significantly enhances employee engagement throughout the entire process, creating a more connected and responsive workplace environment.

Provide Flexibility

One of the significant factors contributing to the lower retention rate of frontline employees in the manufacturing industry is the limited flexibility offered in their work environment. Even if the organization strives to provide flexibility to maintain high levels of engagement among frontline employees, they face challenges due to limited resources. These limitations include having a limited number of administrators to effectively coordinate the shift maintenance process for a large workforce comprising thousands of employees. The technology solutions also lack simplicity; UKG users often need to adjust their systems to implement them effectively. CloudApper’s hrPad is a reliable solution that effectively addresses these concerns. The platform offers a reliable self-service bidding system, allowing frontline employees to conveniently bid for their preferred shifts using a tablet or iPad. Employees also have the option to apply for their own Paid Time Off (PTO). This not only provides them with increased flexibility but also empowers them by giving them the ability to make their own decisions. As it is specifically designed for UKG users, HR professionals will find it easy to implement and effectively enhance the engagement of their frontline employees.


By leveraging hrPad’s features, HR professionals can effectively address the unique challenges of engaging frontline employees in the manufacturing industry, fostering a more connected and responsive workplace environment. To embark on this journey of improved employee engagement and retention, UKG users are encouraged to explore and implement the transformative capabilities of hrPad in their manufacturing organizations. Contact us today and empower your frontline workforce with CloudApper hrPad.