Human resource managers are likely familiar with the time-consuming process of manually updating employee wage information in UKG Dimensions and Pro. Human resources experts, especially those who have to deal with union-specific obligations for wage development, may find this activity extremely time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, CloudAppers’ Step Progression solution can streamline pay progression automation for UKG solutions. Let’s learn more about it. 

Pay Progression Automation For UKG

With CloudApper’s Step Progression solution, you can use the number of hours worked to automatically calculate pay increases. This unique solution lets you eliminate the need for manual data management. If you use UKG Dimensions, Pro, or any other third-party payroll system, you can rest easy knowing that the solution automates the pay progression process. The question is, how does CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution function, and what are its most salient features? First, let’s examine this more closely.

How Cloudapper’s Step Progression Works

If you’re an HR professional looking to automate the process of calculating and communicating step pay increases based on hours worked, look no further than the custom UKG solutions. Here is how the step progression solution works:

Data integration
The first step is to add employee data from the UKG solution to the CloudAppers Step Progression solution. Employee timecard data is automatically pulled from the UKG solution via a REST API.

Create custom pay tiers
The next step is to provide hourly pay rates for regular positions. Here, you may specify custom pay tiers for determining when an employee’s pay should increase based on their total number of hours worked.

Automatic tier upgrade
Our solution uses a custom workflow to adjust hourly wages automatically based on a set threshold. This assures precise and efficient computation of step pay increases without the need for human intervention.

Updated hourly wages in UKG
Once the step-pay adjustments have been computed, our system will immediately revise hourly wages in UKG Dimensions, Pro, or any other payroll system you use. These guarantees ensure error-free, speedy payroll processing with no human intervention required.

Get notified
Finally, our system will inform the manager if an employee is promoted to the next pay grade, so you are always aware of any changes to your payroll.

Advantages of Step Progression Solution

CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution is an HR tool that, beyond its main functions, includes a number of useful extras that can improve the efficiency of the payroll process. Among these are:

  1. Create custom pay levels to meet the demands of your business and easily and reliably determine step increases in compensation.
  2. Our solution’s integration with UKG Dimensions and Pro ensures that your payroll is handled in a timely and correct fashion.
  3. In order to stay on top of any changes to your payroll, you may set up automated notifications to let you know when employees are promoted to new pay scales.
  4. To optimize your payroll procedures without any technical knowledge, you can use our solution because it is simple to implement and does not involve any coding.

CloudApper’s Step Progression Solution is a great tool for HR departments that use UKG Dimensions, Pro, or any other payroll system. It can make the manual steps of figuring out and giving out step pay increases easier. Our solution can help you optimize your payroll procedures and guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of your payroll processing by removing the need for manual data tracking and computations. Why not give it a shot? Get in touch with us today.