In UKG Pro WFM/Dimensions, Accrual Balances can be reset within a dataview. To initiate this process, navigate to Menu > Dataview and Reports > Dataview Library. 

Within the Dataview Library, select a suitable dataview that contains Accrual Balances. Once the appropriate data view is chosen, If necessary, modify the hyperfind, then proceed to identify and choose the individual or individuals for whom the Accrual Reset is to be applied.

Next, click on the Accruals icon to reveal a drop-down menu of selections, and then select “Reset Accrual Balances.” In the subsequent window titled “Reset Accrual Balance,” fill out the following fields:

  1. Effective Date: Choose a specific date for the reset.
  2. Accrual Code: Select the relevant Accrual Code associated with the balance to be reset.
  3. Vested Amount: Enter the new balance for the selected Accrual Code.
  4. Click “Apply” to finalize the reset.

To confirm that the reset has been successfully executed, verify the changes by checking Group Edits. The amount is shown within the Accruals add-on located at the bottom of the timecard.