Creating Open Shifts with Ease

By utilizing the OpenShift API in UKG Pro WFM, users can quickly generate open shifts with specific responsibilities, dates, and times. A simple API request can initiate an available shift and obtain essential information such as the version and ShiftId. This critical data can be applied to future management and reference.

Retrieving Open Shifts for Optimal Scheduling

Effectively manage your employees by utilizing the OpenShift API to retrieve available open schedules. For a comprehensive list of available shifts, specify a date range and location, which should include parent nodes like RCo/HCo. This feature offers significant insights regarding scheduling requirements, enabling the allocation of resources in a proactive and strategic manner.

Dynamic Shift Updates

By assigning employees, the OpenShift API enables organizations to modify available schedules dynamically. Using the openShiftID, version, and employee person number, seamlessly connect an employee to an open shift. By doing so, the shift is not only eliminated from the OpenShift LIST but also incorporated into the schedule of the designated employee, thereby guaranteeing precise and recent workforce management.

Streamlined Employee Removal Process

Workforce management requires flexibility, and the OpenShift API enables the effortless removal of an assigned employee from an available schedule. Applying the OpenShift ID and version parameters to the shift status makes it possible to remove the object from the OpenShift LIST. This action returns the shift automatically to the pool of available open shifts.

Efficient Open Shift Deletion

The ability to delete open shifts further streamlines the process of managing such schedules. Leveraging the same API structure as updating, simply replace “update” with “delete” and provide the target openShiftID. This functionality facilitates the expeditious removal of open shifts that are deemed superfluous or obsolete from the system.

To summarize, the UKG Pro WFM Open Shift APIs facilitate the creation, retrieval, modification, and deletion of open shifts via a comprehensive set of tools. These functionalities enable organizations to attain maximum efficiency in managing their personnel, guaranteeing flexibility and promptness in fulfilling scheduling obligations. Leverage the capabilities of these APIs to enhance the way in which you manage your workforce within the UKG Pro ecosystem.