Use knowledge to your advantage. Beyond just delivering training, UKG Pro Learning provides analytical dashboards to track the real effects of your initiatives on important business performance indicators. UKG Pro Learning gives you the resources to assess the efficacy of your training and pinpoint areas for development, regardless of whether you schedule it seasonally or continuously.

Unveiling the Relationship Between Training and Business Outcomes

Go to Business Impact: Select the ‘Business Impact’ option from the left-hand menu by selecting the administration tab. Select ‘Impact of Seasonal Training’ or ‘Impact of Ongoing Training’ based on your requirements.

Select KPI and Date: Specify the desired key performance indicator (KPI) and date range from the dropdown lists. This allows you to focus on specific areas and track progress over time.

Analyze Your Data:

  • Visualize Insights: Examine the displayed graphs to see patterns and connections between business outcomes and training.
  • Correlation insights: Examine the correlation coefficients shown for every variable in the training performance data. These numbers, which go from -1 to 1, show how strongly and in which direction there is a relationship between your selected KPI and training. A greater number denotes a more robust correlation.
  • Contribution and Dependency Percentages: Examine each impact factor’s contribution and dependency percentages. The dependency percentage indicates how dependent the business outcome is on that factor, whereas the contribution percentage illustrates how much of a factor’s impact is on the outcome.

By leveraging these powerful analytics, you can:
Identify training programs that directly contribute to business growth.

  • Pinpoint areas where improved training can create a significant impact.
  • Optimize your training strategy for maximum return on investment.
  • Start harnessing the power of knowledge today and
  • empower your employees to drive your business forward.