Job transfer refers to the lateral movement of an employee from one job to another without a change in pay, responsibility, or status. The employee may be moved to a different workgroup, office, or organizational division as part of this process. The process for starting a job transfer via API calls will be covered in detail in this guide.

The method is POST, and the API Endpoint we will be using to transfer the job is:


There are a few mandatory body parameters:

  • PunchDateTime: The clock-in time and date.
  • Employee ID: Employee’s unique ID.
  • Transfer String: The organizational structure of the job that the employee wants to transfer to. This transfer string can be found inside a business structure.

With this mandatory information, simply send the request, and the transfer will be completed, providing you with a response.

The body Parameter is-

"accrualValidationRequired": true,
  "managerRole": true,
  "options": {
    "accrualValidationOptimization": true
  "punches": [
      "punchDtm" : "2024-02-05T11:55:00",
      "employee": {
        "qualifier": "S4029"
      "hasComments": false,
      "transfer": {
          "transferString":"UKG/Location-1/123th st/Manager"