In every organization, effectively handling time-off requests is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance for employees and ensuring smooth operations. One effective approach to accomplish this is to customize time-off request subtypes to match the individual demands of your employees. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating and customizing time-off request subtypes to improve the request and approval procedure.

Configuring Time-Off Request Subtypes

Accessing Request Subtypes

  • Go to Main Menu > Administration > Application Setup > Employee Self Service > Request Subtypes.

Creating a New Subtype

  • Best Practice: Create new request subtypes rather than changing current ones to prevent disrupting pending requests.
  • Click “New” and enter a name for the new subtype.

Customizing Subtypes

  • To make modifications, choose a subtype and click “Edit” or “Duplicate”.
  • Configure priority order, display accruals, and enable multiple date ranges if needed.

Symbolic Values and Display Options

  • Define default symbolic values for paycodes.
  • Choose display options like showing accrual totals, request summaries, and duration before paycode.

Paycode Configuration

  • Set default paycodes and configure Paycode Values Profiles (PCVP) for different employee groups.
  • Allow employees to select additional paycodes if necessary.

Symbolic Amounts and Duration

  • Define default symbolic amounts such as full day, half day, or specific hours.
  • Configure duration labels to improve clarity in the request interface.

Notification and Approval Settings

  • Ensure that notifications are enabled to keep management and staff informed.
  • Configure approval settings based on organizational needs.

Request Cancellation and Verification

  • Configure cancellation options and verifications to align with your organization’s policies.
  • Set up automatic approval and editing permissions for managers if required.

Open Shifts and Breaks

  • Decide whether to create open shifts and how breaks should be adjusted during time-off.

Additional Features

  • Explore features such as automatic approval, calendar synchronization, and team absence quotas.

Save and Implement

  • To apply the chosen options, click “Save & Return”.

Efficient time-off request handling is critical to creating an enjoyable work culture. Customizing request subtypes allows businesses to tailor the process to their specific needs, resulting in a seamless and transparent workflow for both employees and management. Take the time to carefully select these settings, and you’ll set the stage for a more productive and satisfied workforce.