Making announcements to your team or students is a great way to convey important information. Sending, receiving, and managing announcements is made simple with UKG Pro Learning, ensuring that everyone is informed.

Viewing Announcements

Three tabs are available to view announcements:

  • Received: Every announcement that you have gotten from other people is displayed on this tab.
  • Sent: All of your sent announcements are displayed on this tab.
  • Others: All of the announcements that you have access to but have not sent or received are displayed on this tab.

Filtering and Deleting Announcements

Announcements can be filtered according to sender, recipient, date, and type. Finding the precise announcements you’re looking for is made simple by this. Announcements can also be removed from your view or from the view of all recipients.

Sending Announcements

All you have to do is click the “Create Announcement” button to send an announcement. After that, you can add recipients, body text, and a title. Additionally, you have the option of sending the announcement right away or at a later date.

Tips for Effective Announcements

  • Make sure that your announcements are brief and direct.
  • Choose a font that is readable and clear.
  • If necessary, include a call to action.
  • Plan your announcements for when the greatest number of people are likely to see them.

You can make sure that your announcements are effective and get to the right people by using the advice in this article.