Open shifts encompass crucial details like a scheduled cost center, required skill, date, and start/end times, yet remain unassigned to any specific employee. While the scheduling engine can auto-assign these shifts within defined parameters, the scheduling manager can manually assign or open them for employee requests.

Request to Fill an Open Shift:

Scheduling managers can post open shifts for qualified and available employees to pick up. Employees can submit requests to fill these shifts using the Open Shift Request feature.

To request filling an open shift in UKG Ready:

  • Navigate to Menu > My Info > My Schedule > Schedule.
  • Adjust the date range settings to display the desired shift.
  • Look for dates marked with the Manage Open Shifts icon, indicating available shifts. Click on the icon to view open shifts for the selected date.
  • Choose the open shift you wish to request.
  • Submit your request. This sends it to the scheduling manager for approval.
  • You’ll receive a status alert regarding your request until it’s approved or rejected. You can cancel the request at any time before approval by clicking the X next to the alert.