Ensuring that employee compensation is accurate and efficient is crucial in workforce management. The Rate Table, a framework that specifies how employee compensation is determined based on numerous factors, is one tool that makes this process easier. Rate Table Extensions are a crucial part of this structure, enabling additional compensation rule customization and improvement.

Exploring Rate Table Extensions

Extend Rate Table Option:

  • Within an employee’s personal rate table is a section dedicated to Extensions.
  • The Extend Rate Table option is a gateway to expand the rate table’s functionality.

Ways to Expand Rate Table:

  • Three dropdown options provide flexibility in extending the rate table:
    • Get Alternative Max Rate From: Apply the two higher rates to the timesheet entry.
    • Add Extra Rate From: Calculates the sum of two rates for the timesheet entry.
    • Get Alternative Rate From: Prioritizes the Rate in the personal rate table, returning to the extended rate table if necessary.

Functionality Overview:

  • The Extend Rate Table option operates similarly to “Get Alternative Rate From” in the ways to expand the section.
  • The system checks personal rates for a match; if none are found, it looks through the extended rate table.
  • Note: Base Compensation overrides the extended rate table, ensuring a match is always found at this level.

Best Practices:

  • Avoid the “Get Alternative Rate From” option when rate tables are linked to base compensation to prevent conflicts.

Advanced Options:

  • Get First Alternative Rate From: Prioritizes the Rate in the extended rate table, returning to the personal rate table if necessary.
  • Multiply by Rate From: Calculates the product of two rates for the timesheet entry.

Leveraging Rate Table Extensions for Efficiency

Organizations can adjust their compensation strategies to better fit their specific needs and workflows by utilizing the power of Rate Table Extensions. These options provide a degree of customization that guarantees accurate and equitable remuneration for workers, whether it’s through rate maximization, rate combination, or table prioritization.


In the complex landscape of employee compensation management, Rate Table Extensions is a versatile tool for refining and optimizing compensation rules. Understanding the options available and their implications is critical to effectively leveraging this feature. By implementing best practices and exploring advanced functionalities, organizations can streamline their compensation processes and empower employees with transparent and fair compensation practices.