The Manager sometimes has trouble executing a labor category transfer in the time card and schedule planner interfaces because the transfer’s execution option is grayed out and unavailable.

Adhering to the outlined steps below will assist in addressing the problem-

  1. Check to see if the employee has been assigned a labor category profile.
  2. Check to see if the labor category profile is valid.
  3. Check to see if the manager has labor category transfer allowed under the department manager in their function access profile.
  4. If all the above are correct, then check the:
  • Go to Application Setup > Business Structure > Labor Category profile
  • Note the labor category entry list assigned to the employee’s labor category profile.
  • Go to Business Structure > labor category list
  • Select the labor category entry list noted above.
  • Click Edit
  • Assign a business structure to the labor category entry list.
  • Save.

The labor category transfer option in the scheduler and time card will no longer be grayed out.