In today’s digital landscape, efficient document management is crucial for businesses to maintain transparency and streamline operations. One key aspect is uploading service provider documents to clients, ensuring accessibility and clarity in communication. Here, we delve into a concise guide on effectively accomplishing this task within the administrative interface.

  1. Navigate to Distribution > Tools > Upload Service Provider Documents > Click “Upload Document.”

We have to make sure the Marketplace Document storage is enabled in security Settings. Please follow the steps below-

  • Add company under Integrated Document Storage in Marketplace
  • Ensure security profile allows upload of Service Provider Documents
  • May need to log in/out
  1. Activate the “Globally Available” checkbox for broader access.
  2. Establish document type and company visibility via hyperlinks in the upload process.
  3. Use document visibility override to share or withhold documents for specific client companies selectively.
  4. Enable the service provider document at the client company level in the Available Functionality section on the Edit Company screen.
  5. Find available service provider documents within the client company at Our Company > Service Provider Documents > Company Settings > Our Company > Document Upload.
  6. Click “Upload Document,” browse to the file, provide a Display Name, and click “Upload.”
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Confirm the document upload at Our Company > Documents.

By following these straightforward steps, businesses can enhance collaboration and transparency in their client relationships. Efficiently uploading service provider documents ensures accessibility and clarity, ultimately contributing to smoother operations and strengthened partnerships. Embrace these practices to optimize document management workflows and elevate your business operations to new heights.