Before proceeding, ensure that the client has activated integrated document storage in the external marketplace.

Create Document Type:

  • Access: Company Settings > Global Setup > Global List Definitions > Document Settings.
  • Click “Add New” to create a document type, e.g., Resume.

Configure Employee Document Upload:

  • Navigate to the employee requiring document upload.
  • Edit the tab and enable document storage to provide an upload area.

Enable Employee Access:

  • Grant employees the ability to upload documents to their profiles by adjusting security access.
  • In the employee’s security profile, locate the HR tab and enable the “View/Edit” and “Add” options under Documents.

Upload Process for Employees:

  • Employees should access My Account > My Profile.
  • Locate the Employee Documents section and use the upload button to add documents.

Viewing Employee Documents:

  • Go to My Employees > Employee HR Maintenance > Documents to review uploaded documents.

Ensure integrated document storage is activated and configure document types for upload before enabling employee access and guiding them through the upload process.