Flexibility is essential in the dynamic field of workforce management. Open shifts allow employees to share their skills and allow managers to cover scheduling gaps effectively. If you’re eager to take advantage of these opportunities within the UKG platform of your company, we will guide you through the steps involved in requesting to fill an open shift. Let’s get started and discover what open shifts can offer!

Understanding Open Shifts:

Open shifts are slots on the schedule that aren’t filled by anyone and aren’t assigned to an employee. These shifts include important information like the start and end times, date, required skills, and scheduled cost center. Although the scheduling engine may automatically assign open shifts, managers can choose to assign them or leave them open for employee requests manually.

Requesting to Fill an Open Shift:

To request to fill an open shift, follow these simple steps within your UKG platform:

Step 1: Navigate to the Schedule

  1. Access the Schedule section by clicking Menu > My Info > My Schedule > Schedule.
  2. Adjust the date range settings to display the relevant shift dates.

Step 2: Identify and Select Open Shifts

  1. Look for dates marked with the Manage Open Shifts icon, indicating available open shifts.
  2. Click the Manage Open Shifts icon to view the available open shifts for the selected date.
  3. Choose the open shift you’re interested in filling.

Step 3: Submit Your Request

  1. Once you’ve selected the desired open shift, click Submit.
  2. Your request will be sent to the scheduling manager for approval.

Step 4: Monitor Request Status

  1. Keep an eye on the status alert regarding your request.
  2. You can cancel the request at any time before it’s approved by clicking the X next to the alert.


You can actively assist in filling open shifts within the UKG platform of your organization by following these steps. Requesting open shifts gives you the ability to support the team’s success whether you’re looking for extra hours, investigating new possibilities, or just lending a helping hand. Watch this space for additional insights and advice on maximizing UKG’s workforce management experience. Are you prepared to benefit from open shifts? Investigate and take advantage of opportunities right now!