Beyond the realm of training efficacy exists a potent instrument known as Business Impact. It gives you the capacity to go further, revealing the latent dependencies between key performance indicators (KPIs) in various departments and business units. Comprehending these interdependent strands illuminates how their interaction influences your overall business results.

Consider a situation where a successful upsell is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction. Equipped with this understanding, Business Impact enables you to customize your training programs tactically. Your upselling success can be directly impacted by concentrating on the areas that will lead to a quantifiable increase in customer satisfaction.

It’s easy to access Business Impact. Select “Impact of Business Units” from the Business Impact tab on the left after navigating to the Admin section of your menu bar. Using this user-friendly interface, you can easily enter any pertinent data points along with your preferred KPI.

The interesting stuff is here: the percentages of contribution and dependence. Contribution indicates the exact extent to which a particular factor—such as the performance of a unit—has impacted the overall business outcome. Conversely, dependence illustrates how much the result depends on that particular factor.

Combining these insights lets you grasp the complex web of relationships that propels your company forward. You can prioritize areas for improvement, find critical connections, and ultimately optimize your entire operation for a successful symphony.

Business Impact is essentially a road map for maximizing the potential of interdependence rather than merely a tool for measurement. Through revealing the obscure relationships among your business divisions, it enables you to take strategic decision-making to a whole new level and lead your company to performance never seen before.