Go to Main Menu > Administration > Application Setup > Common Setup > My Apps.

  1. Click Add on the My Apps screen. The page to create the app key appears. Choose the product FALCON_PUBLIC. 
  2. Provide a unique title in the Name field. Make sure you write down the name to refer to it later. Note: You can modify and update the name field. Suggested Practice: To clarify this app’s purpose, include your partner’s name in the name.
  3.  Select Save and review the “Success” message.
  4. Choose the app key you made under My Apps, then click Details. As soon as the Keys menu automatically expands, your app key shows up in the App Key field. Observations:• Keep your app key private.
    • This key cannot be changed.
  5. Select the Clipboard icon in the upper right corner to copy the info into the buffer. 

And that’s it. Now you have your app key.