The powerful Report Builder from UKG Pro Learning offers comprehensive insights into academy members’ progress and can help you power your learning initiatives. This guide provides an array of features to Administrators and Managers who have the ability to report.

  • Customize Reports to Meet Your Needs: Create reports tailored to your specific training objectives, emphasizing particular learning areas.
  • Easy Data Export: Download reports in CSV format for sharing or additional analysis, always guaranteeing accessibility.
  •  Simplify Reporting with Templates: Promote cooperation and save time by generating reusable report templates for people with Reporting permissions.
  • Automated insights delivery: Streamline information flow by setting up reports to run automatically and be sent straight to you or specific colleagues within the organizational structure.
  • Precise Performance Visibility: Utilizing the Report Builder’s extensive data visualization, you can obtain exact insights into the effectiveness of member training, depending on the parameters you select.

Navigating the Tool:

Access the Report Builder by navigating through Admin > Reporting > Report Builder > Create New Report.

Public vs. Private Reports:

  • Private Reports: With reports visible only to the creator, ensure data privacy for particular organizational components or personal use.
  • Public Reports: Promote cooperation and information exchange by developing adaptable templates that are available to anyone with Reporting authorization. When the report is run, these templates enable additional customization by adding organizational components.
  • Schedule for Ongoing Tracking: Program reports to run automatically at predetermined intervals to give regular updates on member progress and to facilitate anticipatory decision-making.

Managing Your Reports:

Edit or Delete Reports: Take complete control of your created reports by editing them as needed or deleting them when no longer relevant.
Download for Offline Analysis: Download reports for convenient offline analysis or sharing, ensuring information accessibility even without internet connectivity.
Organize for Clarity: Arrange reports into sections for improved clarity and more straightforward navigation, especially when managing a large number of reports.

By leveraging the UKG Pro Learning Report Builder, you unlock valuable data to optimize learning and development initiatives. Start utilizing this powerful tool today and gain a deeper understanding of your academy members’ learning journey, ultimately driving success within your organization.