Administrators have the capability to create and modify activity transfers, offering employees and managers flexibility while working within an activity. This functionality allows them to alter a segment of the transfer to better suit their needs.

Administrators can enhance the start form in the Activity Setup by incorporating transfer options into the Activity Transfer List table. This enables users to conveniently select the appropriate transfer by configuring user-friendly labels.

To access the Activity Transfer settings, navigate from the Home Page to the Main Menu, then proceed to Administration, followed by Application Setup and finally Activity Setup.


From there, select the Activities option and choose the desired activity you wish to modify. Click on Edit, then navigate to Transfers. Otherwise, one can create a new activity by clicking the Create button.

You’ll find two options within the Activity Transfer List: adding a new transfer or editing an existing one. Utilize the standard process to configure the Activity Transfer details by selecting the appropriate defaults and assigning unique labels to each transfer.

Once done, click Save to apply the changes.