One of the most important aspects of account management is making sure that new accounts have secure and customizable default passwords. One way to solve this problem is to create standardized yet distinctive passwords for every new account that joins the system using the New Account Password Builder. Use the New Account Password Builder in the Authentication Policy to set default passwords by following these steps.

Accessing the Password Builder

1. Navigate to Authentication Policies:
– Menu > Settings > Profiles/Policies > Authentication.

2. Edit the Appropriate Policy:
– From the Authentication Policies page, select “Edit” for the policy relevant to your requirements.

Configuring the New Account Password Builder

3. Locate New Account Default Password Field:
– Find the “New Account Default Password” field in the Password Policy widget.

4. Enable New Account Default Password:
– Checkmark the “New Account Default Password 1” box to activate the New Account Password Builder.

5. Access Password Tag Lookup:
– Select the Password Tag Lookup icon to start configuring the password builder.

6. Add Tags to the Password Builder:
– In the Password Tag Lookup window, choose the appropriate tags by selecting the Item column.
– These tags will be used to customize and create unique passwords for new accounts.

7. Save Configuration:
– After selecting the desired tags, click “Save” to complete the password-building configuration for the authentication policy.

Understanding the New Account Password Builder

Using tags, the New Account Password Builder creates passwords that are unique to each employee. The tool guarantees that the password is both secure and unique by adding personal information. When creating an account for the first time, new users use this temporary password, which they can change to a permanent one later.

Recall that when utilizing the New Account Password Builder, striking a balance between uniqueness and standardization is essential. By following these steps, you can be sure that setting default passwords will be a streamlined process that improves security and streamlines the onboarding process for new accounts.