Greetings from the UKG blog once again, where we share the trade secrets of effective workforce management. Today, we’re going to concentrate on the use of attendance rules, which is a crucial component that guarantees accuracy in your attendance tracking. Applying rules is the last step to guarantee accuracy in the event that you need to update employee attendance events on occasion manually. Let’s look at how to implement attendance policies from your home page easily.

Navigating to Apply Attendance Rules:

Access the Manage Attendance Tile:

  • Begin your journey by navigating to the Home Page.
  • Locate and click on the “Manage Attendance” tile.

Go to Attendance:

  • Within the Attendance page, select the employees for whom you need to apply attendance rules.
  • Click on “Attendance” and then choose “Apply Rules.”

Complete the Apply Rules Panel:

  • A panel will appear, guiding you through the process.
  • Accept the default option, “Use Default Start Date.”

Initial Apply:

  • Click “Apply” to initiate the application of attendance rules.

Customize Start and End Dates (if needed):

  • Select the “Select Start Date” option for a more specific application.
  • Use the calendar to enter or choose a Start Date and End Date.

Final Apply:

  • Confirm your selections and click “Apply” once again.

Why Apply Attendance Rules?

Ensure Accuracy: For a number of reasons, it may be necessary to update attendance events manually. By applying rules, accuracy is maintained, and these updates are made in accordance with the established attendance rules.
Customization Options: You can alter the procedure using the Apply Rules panel. You have the option of applying the rule with its default start and end dates, or you can modify it.
Streamlined Process: You can save time and effort by streamlining the workflow and using this feature straight from the Home Page.

Tips for a Smooth Process:

Regular Checks: Periodically review attendance events and apply rules as needed to keep records accurate.

Employee Selection: Choose one or more employees for efficient rule application.

Date Customization: Utilize the flexibility to select specific start and end dates for rule application when required.

You can improve the accuracy of your attendance tracking system and enable more efficient workforce management by becoming an expert at applying attendance rules. Watch this space for additional insights from UKG, your reliable partner in workforce excellence. Cheers to successful management!