Today, we will explore the world of UKG labor forecasting, which is an essential component of ensuring your headcount and labor hours match up perfectly with your operational goals. Come along as we walk you through how to get the UKG Labor Forecast and utilize it to your company’s advantage.

Navigating to the UKG Labor Forecast:

1. Go to Workforce Planning > Forecast Planner from the Main Menu to use the Forecast Planner.

2. Selecting Your Workspace:

● Go to the Labor Forecast in the Forecast Planner. First, choose “Labor” from the workspace drop-down list if the Volume forecast is loaded.

3. Choosing Locations:

● The default location is shown under the Actions bar. Click on the location name to select a different location.
● Navigate to the desired level and choose the appropriate location in the Select Locations window.
● Select particular jobs or sub-locations to add to the Forecast Planner at your discretion.
● Press “Apply” to validate your choice.

4. Selecting the Forecast Week:

● Select the week you wish to examine from the drop-down list for Forecast Week.
● The grid will show the Labor Forecast totals for the chosen week.

Running a New Labor Forecast in UKG:

  1. Initiate a New Forecast:
  • In the Actions Bar, select “Run Labor.”
  • In the Run Labor slider, ensure the correct location is selected.
  • Click “Run” to generate a new labor forecast.

UKG Labor Forecast Workspace Overview:

Labor/Volume Workspace Switch:

  • Utilize the drop-down list to switch between Labor and Volume Forecasts seamlessly.

Actions Bar for Daily Forecast Data:

  • Perform common actions on daily forecast data, such as running the labor forecast, managing forecast factors, or restoring volume.

Forecast Factors:

  • Understand and manipulate factors influencing the forecasted volume and labor. These factors are tailored to your organization and may include labor hours, jobs, hours of operation, or special events.

Forecast Grid Columns:

  • Dive into the daily forecast grid to view totals and edit forecasted data as needed.

Utilize the insights offered by the UKG Labor Forecast to unleash the potential of your workforce. Streamline processes, effectively manage your workforce, and make sure your company stays one step ahead of the competition. Watch this space for additional workforce management tool optimization advice. Cheers to your forecasting!