In UKG, a work schedule outlines the specific hours and days an employee is expected to complete their work responsibilities. These schedules are carefully designed, accounting for the fixed number of hours allotted to each worker. The main goal is to maintain the appropriate level of staffing levels for the company while avoiding overloading any one person.

This crucial component of workforce management serves as the cornerstone for productive operations across a range of industries. Businesses can maximize productivity while putting their employees’ well-being first by carefully planning work schedules.

We will explore how to get any specific employee’s schedule information using API calls. The API Endpoint we will be using to get the schedule is –


We have to provide three mandatory parameters to get an Employee’s schedule.

Person_number: The specific employee’s Employee ID.
Start_date: Schedule start date in yyyy-MM-dd format.
End_date: Schedule the end date in yyyy-MM-dd format.

Once we provide the mandatory parameters and send the request. We get the result like this –

To get the data in a more organized way, we can you json path finder to organize the schedule data-