Managing employees efficiently becomes smoother when you organize them using labor category entry lists. These categorized lists help businesses structure their organization and optimize workflows. Let’s unravel the secrets of these lists and empower you to manage them like a pro.

Understanding the Basics:

Imagine labor category entry lists as containers for specific employee roles. These lists are assigned to different locations in your business structure. If a location isn’t assigned a list, it inherits the list of its closest parent. Think of it like inheriting traits from your family!

Special Features:

  • All Entries List: A magical list automatically generated for each labor category, containing all related entries. It simplifies transfers based on employee and location qualifications.
  • Wildcard Strings: These are like wildcards in a card game, letting you automatically assign entries to lists. Use asterisks (*) for broad matching, question marks (?) for specific characters, or mix and match!

Creation and Assignment:

  1. Navigate: Go to Main Menu > Administration > Application Setup > Business Structure Setup > Labor Category Entry Lists.
  2. Create a List: Give it a name and description, and use wildcards if you wish.
  3. Assign Entries: Choose entries from the table and click “Assign,” or create new ones here.
  4. Location Placement: Click “Create” under Business Structure Assignment, select locations, and set effective dates for the list’s use in those locations.
  5. Save and Apply: Make sure everything is correct and click those buttons!

Dynamic Adjustments:

If your business needs flexibility, effective-dated versions of these lists let you adjust assignments over time. Simply enable the feature, create new versions with effective dates, and manage them like regular lists. Remember, be mindful of historical data when editing versions in locked periods.

Mastering these lists empowers you to optimize your business structure and manage employees effectively. Witness the magic of streamlined operations and organizational growth as you unlock the power of labor category entry lists!