The process of job transfer typically entails updating employee records to reflect changes in their position, adjusting payroll information if needed, and ensuring that relevant permissions and access rights are appropriately modified within the system. 

Within an organization, employees may often perform multiple roles during their shift. The job transfer API facilitates users in transmitting the date/time of the transfer and details of the transitioning job to UKG timecards. Subsequently, this information is reflected on the respective employee’s timecard, aiding HR departments and managers in effectively managing internal mobility and ensuring the accuracy and currency of employee data throughout the organization.

The API utilized for transmitting job transfer details to the Dimensions timecard is as follows: https://{{BaseURL}}/api/v1/timekeeping/punches/import

The method is POST and the endpoint of the URL is  /v1/timekeeping/punches/import while the base URL of your company should go to the {{BaseAPI}} portion.

The request body should resemble the following structure:

As depicted in the image provided, the punch date and time are included under the key ‘punchDtm’. The employee identifier, which corresponds to the employee’s person number, is sent under the ‘qualifier’ key, while the business structure string representing the transferred job is included under the ‘transferString’ key. Upon transmission through a third-party application or Postman using this API, the data will be automatically updated on the employee’s UKG Pro WFM/Dimensions timecard.

UKG Ready:

In UKG Ready, Jobs are referred to as Cost Centers. The API utilized to transmit Cost Center transfer information is: https://{{BaseURL}}/ta/rest/v2/companies/{{CID}}/time-punches/collection

The method employed is POST, and the endpoint URL is /ta/rest/v2/companies/{{CID}}/time-punches/collection

The company ID (CID) must be provided in the {{CID}} portion of the URL. You can obtain your company ID from your assigned UKG representative.

The request body should resemble the following structure:

In the provided image, the request body includes:

  • The punch type under the ‘raw_type‘ key.
  • The punch date and time under the ‘timestamp’ key.
  • The Cost Center tree index under the ‘index’ key.
  • The Cost Center ID under the ‘id’ key.

To retrieve Cost Center information, including the Cost Center tree index and ID, you can utilize the following API (GET method):


Similarly, to obtain the employee system account ID, you can use the following API (GET method):