Ensuring accurate timekeeping and employee compliance with labor laws is crucial for any organization. In today’s complex regulatory landscape, set up attestation on punch becomes a vital tool for UKG Ready customers. By collecting employee affirmations directly during their punch-in/out actions, attestation helps maintain accurate time records and demonstrates adherence to relevant regulations. This is where CloudApper AI TimeClock comes in, offering a cost-effective and highly customizable solution for setting up attestation on punch in UKG Ready. Seamlessly integrating with your existing system, CloudApper allows you to:

  • Collect employee attestation directly during punch-in/out, capturing real-time information.
  • Trigger automatic actions based on employee responses, streamlining workflows.
  • Leverage Role Specific Attestation to simplify ongoing compliance management.

Role-Specific Attestation: A Game-Changer for UKG Customers

CloudApper AI TimeClock offers Role-specific attestation explicitly designed for setting up attestation on punch in UKG Ready. Here’s what sets it apart:

Mobility: Works seamlessly on any Android or iOS device, providing flexibility for your workforce.

Customization: Tailor questions and reminders to specific employee roles, ensuring targeted attestation.

Real-time Data and Audit Logs: Reduce administrative burdens with immediate access to attestation data and simplify audits.

Data Exchange: Effortlessly exchange employee data between UKG Ready and CloudApper for a unified view.

Customizable Dashboards: Gain valuable insights through easy-to-read dashboards displaying relevant attestation data.

Accessibility: View attestation information on any web browser or mobile device for on-the-go access.

Why Choose CloudApper AI TimeClock?

UKG Ready customers looking to optimize their timekeeping and employee attestation on punch can consider CloudApper AI TimeClock. It’s a budget-friendly time clock solution. Also, CloudApper’s AI Assistant guides employees and can help the HR team reduce stress and streamline processes. Self-service features empower employees to manage their time off requests, timecard view, and more, minimizing HR workload. Additionally, CloudApper facilitates valuable feedback collection through pulse surveys and real-time comments, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce. 

By setting up attestation on the punch with CloudApper AI TimeClock solution, UKG Ready customers can simplify compliance management, empower employees, and gain valuable insights for a more efficient and informed workforce. Contact us today to take control of your attestation process today and experience the benefits firsthand.