Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, changes occur after an employee has already submitted a request for time off, leading to a need to cancel their planned leave. If the organization’s policy doesn’t permit employees to withdraw their PTO requests directly, managers must handle this from the admin account. This situation can pose a challenge for managers who are consistently occupied with various tasks. Nonetheless, managing these cancellations doesn’t have to be complex. With CloudApper AI TimeClock, a user-friendly tool for managing employee time within UKG Ready, the process of canceling PTO requests can be simplified. Let’s see how to effortlessly navigate PTO cancellations and empower managers to handle these adjustments easily.

Key Points

  • Canceling PTO requests can be difficult for managers.
  • Canceling via API requires technical knowledge and is not ideal.
  • CloudApper offers a user-friendly interface to cancel PTO requests directly.
  • CloudApper integrates with UKG Ready and automatically notifies employees.
  • CloudApper simplifies PTO management, reduces errors, and improves accuracy.

Cancelling PTO Requests With API

Canceling PTO requests with API is possible. It requires the ID associated with that specific PTO request to cancel it. The ID is available in the PTO request response body.

CloudApper AI TimeClock Saves the Day:

  • Intuitive Interface: No coding or technical expertise is required! CloudApper AI TimeClock interface is designed for simplicity, allowing you to cancel PTO requests directly within the platform. You simply need to navigate to the relevant request, click “Cancel,” and  Done!
  • Seamless Integration: CloudApper seamlessly integrates with your existing UKG Ready system, ensuring real-time updates and accurate data synchronization. No need to juggle multiple platforms or worry about compatibility issues.


  • Enhanced Transparency: CloudApper empowers you to automatically notify the employee about the cancellation, eliminating any confusion or miscommunication.

Benefits of Using CloudApper AI TimeClock:

  • Effortless PTO management: Simplify your workflow and save precious time by eliminating the need for complex API interactions.
  • Reduced errors: With its user-friendly interface, CloudApper minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual data entry or complex technical processes.
  • Improved accuracy: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that CloudApper ensures seamless data synchronization between your HCM solution and CloudApper, guaranteeing accurate records.

Remember: Canceling PTO requests should be handled delicately. Always communicate effectively with your employees and understand their situation before proceeding. CloudApper AI TimeClock empowers you to handle PTO cancellations efficiently and smoothly, putting you back in control of your time and streamlining your HR processes. Take the hassle out of managing employee time and experience the difference with CloudApper!