In the hospitality and service industries, managing and reporting employee tips can be a daunting task. However, with the innovative CloudApper Tips Management Solution, UKG users can effortlessly track, record, and manage tip data while ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. This powerful software integration streamlines the entire process, saving valuable time for managers and reducing the risk of tax fraud.

Efficient Tip Data Management

CloudApper Tips Management Solution simplifies the process of tracking and managing employee tip data for UKG customers. With a user-friendly interface, the solution seamlessly integrates with UKG solutions, allowing for real-time updates of tip information. Here’s how it works:

Employee Declares Tips

At the end of each shift, employees report their daily tips to the manager.

Manager Verifies Information

The manager reviews and verifies the tip information provided by the employees.

Enter Tips into CloudApper

Once the manager has validated the data, they easily enter the tip amounts into the CloudApper software.

Automatic Update

CloudApper automatically updates the tip data in UKG, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations for tip recordkeeping and reporting.

Streamlined Bulk Reporting

CloudApper Tips Management Solution offers an additional benefit of bulk reporting. Managers can efficiently send tip data for multiple employees in one go to UKG Dimensions, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving significant time and effort. This feature is particularly valuable for larger establishments with a high volume of tip declarations.

Ensuring Compliance with IRS Regulations

Compliance with IRS regulations for tip reporting is crucial for businesses in the hospitality and service sectors. Failure to comply can result in penalties and legal repercussions. CloudApper Tips Management Solution helps UKG customers stay on the right side of the law by:

Real-time Updates

By seamlessly integrating with UKG solutions, CloudApper ensures that tip information is automatically and accurately updated in real-time. This eliminates the risk of manual errors or delays in reporting.

Accurate Recordkeeping

The CloudApper software maintains a comprehensive and organized record of all tip data, making it easier for businesses to demonstrate compliance during audits or inspections.

Enhanced Security

CloudApper prioritizes data security, protecting sensitive employee information and tip data from unauthorized access or data breaches. UKG customers can trust that their data is securely stored and transmitted.

Time and Cost Savings

The traditional manual process of managing employee tips can be time-consuming and prone to errors. CloudApper Tips Management Solution revolutionizes this process, saving both time and costs for UKG customers. 


CloudApper Tips Management Solution empowers UKG customers in the hospitality and service industries to effortlessly manage and report employee tips. By seamlessly integrating with UKG solutions, this innovative software saves time, reduces administrative burden, and ensures compliance with IRS regulations. With CloudApper AI, businesses can streamline their tip reporting process, enhance operational efficiency, and stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Contact us today to know more!