Capano Management has been operating for 75 years and is involved in construction, real estate, and hospitality, among other industries. Among its restaurants, it was having issues regarding employee tip recordkeeping. For several reasons, recording employee tips accurately and properly is crucial for organizations in various industries, especially in the hospitality industry. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employers to maintain accurate and complete records of employee tips. Employers must report and withhold taxes on all tips received by their employees, and failing to do so can result in significant penalties and legal consequences. To help Capano with all of that and more, they chose CloudApper Solution Community for UKG – let’s explore how.

CloudApper Solutions Community for UKG

To help Capano’s restaurants solve with proper employee tip recordkeeping (and more), it chose CloudApper to capture employee data and send it to UKG. The CloudApper Solutions Community is a powerful tool that enables businesses to integrate with UKG software and streamline their operations. Capano will be utilizing CloudApper’s RightPunch, Attestation, and Job Transfer functionalities with UKG Dimensions to achieve a number of critical objectives.

Capture Employee Punches

The first objective that Capano aims to achieve is to capture employee punches using facial biometrics. CloudApper’s RightPunch is a biometric time capture system that uses facial recognition to capture employee punches. RightPunch helps eliminate buddy punching and errors, ensuring accurate and reliable employee punch data for UKG. RightPunch is also an affordable alternative to expensive time clocks – bringing down costs while ensuring accurate employee punches.

Simplify Employee Tip Recordkeeping

The second (and most important) objective that Capano is pursuing is to capture employee tip data accurately, and it’s connected to our time capture solution – more on that later. As mentioned, the IRS requires businesses to maintain an accurate record of employee tips to comply with its regulations regarding tip recordkeeping. With our CloudApper platform, our engineers have customized the Attestation functionality to allow businesses to capture employee tip declarations quickly. Whenever a waiter or server punches out using RightPunch after their shift, they are presented with a popup that asks them to declare the amount of tips they have received for the day. Once they enter the amount, the data is sent to UKG, making tip recordkeeping a seamless and hassle-free process – ensuring that Capano maintains accurate records of employee tips and stays compliant with IRS regulations.

Record Employee Job Transfer Data

The third objective that Capano aims to achieve is to capture labor transfer data accurately. With CloudApper’s Job Transfer functionality, Capano can easily record employee job and location transfers across its different facilities – they are using our solution for both their restaurants and residentials. For restaurants, employees can switch both their jobs and locations, whereas, for residentials, employees can switch only locations. restaurants and residentials.

For instance, when punching in, the employee will select a transfer punch and will be prompted with a list of locations or jobs they’re assigned to. Once they select their assigned job or location, CloudApper sends the punch data to UKG Dimensions – recording employee job transfer data accurately.

Cloudapper Simplifies More Than Employee Tip Recordkeeping!

By integrating CloudApper with UKG Dimensions, Capano can capture employee data quickly and easily. This helps them manage their workforce more efficiently and enables them to comply with IRS regulations regarding tip recordkeeping, reduce costs, and prevent buddy punching. Keeping an accurate record of employee tips is crucial for businesses in the hospitality industry, as it not only helps them stay compliant with IRS regulations but also ensures that employees are paid accurately and fairly.

Have similar requirements to Capano Management or have entirely new requirements? The CloudApper Solutions Community for UKG can help you take workforce management to the next level – contact us now to learn more.