In today’s fast-paced and always-changing business dynamics, the rules for staying compliant are also always changing. So, businesses should take preventive steps to make sure that their HR policies and procedures follow the rules and laws that apply. One way to reach this goal is to use an employee attestation solution for UKG. The value of this type of solution and why it’s essential for your business is discussed in this blog post.

Employee Attestation Solution for UKG

First of all, a solution for employees to attest to their work helps businesses keep up with regulatory requirements and avoid fines. The purpose of enforcing compliance requirements is to safeguard the interests of the business as a whole as well as those of its individual employees. When businesses don’t follow the rules, it can cost them in the form of fines, legal fees, and lost customers. With an attestation system in place, supervisors may check in on workers’ compliance with rules and act accordingly.

An attestation solution for employees enables a data-driven approach to workforce management.’You can’t manage what you can’t measure,’ as the old adage goes. Managers can gain insight into employee behavior with the help of an attestation solution and utilize that information to make better decisions. For instance, if many workers are routinely breaking a rule, managers can figure out why that’s happening and take steps to fix it.

An attestation solution for employees not only provides useful information but also facilitates communication between the UKG and attestation platforms through the transfer of employee information. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, this integration saves time and decreases the likelihood of making mistakes. Additionally, with all employee information in one location, managers can quickly and easily examine personalized dashboards with only the data they need to make informed decisions.

CloudApper Attestation Solution for UKG

CloudApper’s role-specific attestation solution provides highly adaptable questions that streamline continuing compliance. This function allows supervisors to tailor questionnaires and reminders for employees in a variety of different capacities. Managers may have a distinct set of compliance questions for entry-level workers. Managers can cut down on ambiguity and boost compliance by limiting employees to queries that are directly related to their job functions.

In addition, managers can access attestation information via any web browser or mobile device with CloudApper’s role-specific attestation functionality (Android and iOS). Because of this convenience, supervisors may check up on workers’ compliance wherever they happen to be and take remedial action immediately if necessary. The platform also provides audit logs and real-time data, making data auditing and reporting a less onerous administrative task.

So, it’s clear that UKG would benefit from a way to get employees to sign documents. By connecting the two platforms, businesses can quickly access dashboards with the data they need and see attestation data from any web browser or mobile device. They can also stay on top of compliance requirements and make decisions about managing their workforce based on data. If your business is looking to upgrade its compliance procedures, CloudApper’s role-specific attestation tool is a great option because it’s extremely configurable and affordable. Don’t put off investing in an employee attestation solution until it’s too late; do it now to make sure your business is always in compliance.

An Example of Employee Attestation

Say you are in charge of human resources for a manufacturing company that has to follow strict rules set by the government. All plant workers must have the right PPE (personal protective equipment) on at all times, according to the rules. Protective eyewear, a hard hat, gloves, and boots with steel toes are all part of this gear.

You may combine CloudAppers employee attestation solution with your UKG solution to make sure you’re in line with the rules. Employees who use RightPunch to clock in and out of their shifts have to make sure that they are wearing the right PPE.

The CloudApper platform makes it easy to tailor inquiries and reminders to each employee’s unique set of responsibilities. For instance, PPE for workers in the warehouse and those on the assembly line may be quite different. The CloudApper platform for UKG can send an alert to a manager if an employee reports that they aren’t wearing the necessary PPE. To further assist you in keeping tabs on compliance requirements and avoiding penalties, the platform may produce trend data showing the daily percentage of employees that complete the attestation form.

For these and many other reasons, you should think about getting an employee attestation solution for UKG for your business. By using an automated platform like CloudApper, compliance processes can be streamlined, data accuracy can be improved, and the risk of fines and non-compliance may go down.