Payroll processing is the backbone of any organization, ensuring employees are compensated accurately and on time for their hard work. But what happens when your workforce transcends the traditional office setting?  With the rise of remote work, flexible schedules, and multi-location assignments, accurately tracking employee hours and wages across different work locations can become a nightmare. CloudApper AI TimeClock steps in and seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro to eliminate the complexities of managing a geographically dispersed workforce.


An employee seamlessly clocks in and out at different work locations throughout a pay period. Their time punches are meticulously recorded, but payroll reports only reflect their home location. Transferred hours and wages vanish, causing payroll errors and frustration. This common challenge plagues UKG Pro users who are managing employees with flexible work arrangements or those assigned to multiple locations.

Seamless Solution: CloudApper AI TimeClock

CloudApper AI TimeClock seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro, offering a comprehensive solution for tracking transferred employee hours and wages. Here’s how it elevates your payroll experience:

Automatic Location Tracking

CloudApper automatically captures the employee’s work location based on their time punches. This eliminates manual intervention and ensures accurate hour allocation.

Seamless Data Transfer

Recorded time data seamlessly integrates with UKG Pro, eliminating the need for manual data entry and potential errors.

Flexible Work Arrangements

CloudApper accommodates various work styles, from remote working places to multi-location assignments, ensuring accurate payroll for all employees.

Beyond Integration: Streamlined Workflows

CloudApper AI TimeClock goes beyond data transfer, offering additional benefits:

Enhanced Security: CloudApper leverages advanced security features to safeguard employee time data and ensure compliance.

Customizable Workflows: Design workflows for manager approvals of transferred hours, streamlining the process and preventing errors.

Improved Employee Experience: CloudApper offers employees a user-friendly interface for clocking in and out, regardless of location.

“Payroll accuracy and efficiency are critical for maintaining morale and productivity among frontline workers. Ensuring they are paid correctly and on time for their hard work is essential, especially for those living paycheck to paycheck.”

John A. Schulte II, CEO of Payroll Processing Concepts.

Empowering Flexibility, Ensuring Accuracy

By integrating CloudApper AI TimeClock with UKG Pro, you can effortlessly track transferred employee hours and wages. Automatic location tracking, seamless data transfer, and customizable workflows eliminate the challenges of standard reporting and BI tools. This empowers a flexible work environment while ensuring accurate payroll processing and employee satisfaction. Contact us to learn more.


Does CloudApper AI TimeClock Work Offline?

Yes, CloudApper AI TimeClock functions offline. Data is stored securely on the device and automatically synced when an internet connection is available. This ensures uninterrupted time tracking even in areas with limited connectivity.

How does CloudApper AI TimeClock transfer data to payroll?

CloudApper AI TimeClock seamlessly integrates with your UKG Pro payroll. Recorded time data is automatically transferred, eliminating the need for manual entry and potential errors.