Accurately tracking employee hours can be a logistical nightmare for organizations with a large, mobile workforce. Timekeeping systems often rely on a stable internet connection, which can be a significant hurdle for field workers scattered across locations with unreliable or non-existent internet access. This can lead to inaccurate timesheets, payroll discrepancies, and frustration for both employees and HR personnel. Fortunately, CloudApper AI’s offline time capture solution seamlessly integrates with the existing UKG Ready system,  allowing employees to clock in and out even when offline. This eliminates the need to worry about spotty Internet connections, ensuring accurate and efficient timekeeping, regardless of location.

Seamless Functionality: Capturing Time Offline, Syncing Effortlessly

One of the most significant advantages of an offline time capture solution for UKG Ready is its ability to capture employee time data when devices are not able to connect to a network. CloudApper’s AI TimeClock, for example, allows employees to clock in and out using any Android/iOS-based device, even without an internet connection. Once a connection is established, the app automatically syncs all captured time data with UKG Ready, ensuring a seamless and accurate transfer of information. This eliminates the need for manual data entry upon returning to the office, saving valuable time for employees and HR personnel.

Beyond Timekeeping: Enhanced Functionality for a Mobile Workforce

The CloudApper offline time capture solution for UKG Ready also offers functionalities beyond basic timekeeping, enabling employees to complete various tasks offline seamlessly. This includes:


  • Job Transfers: Employees can easily switch between jobs or locations throughout the workday, capturing accurate job-specific time data, even offline. This allows for a more granular view of project progress and resource allocation.
  • Attestations: Employees can complete important safety briefings, equipment checks, or other mandatory attestations directly with CloudApper AI TimeClock, regardless of internet availability. This ensures compliance with company policies and regulations and streamlines the process of documenting employee training and certifications.

Self-Service Features for Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

CloudApper AI’s offline time capture solution for UKG Ready doesn’t just benefit HR. It also empowers your field workforce with greater autonomy and control. CloudApper AI allows employees to access a range of self-service features, even offline. This includes:

  • PTO Requests: Employees can easily submit requests for paid time off directly from the time clock, even when disconnected from the internet. This streamlines the approval process and gives employees greater control over their schedules.
  • Viewing Schedules: Employees can access their work schedules and upcoming shifts on the go, ensuring they’re always up-to-date on their work commitments.
  • Accrual Balances: Employees must know their available paid time off (PTO) balance. The app lets them check their accrued vacation, sick leave, or other PTO balances from a mobile device, promoting transparency and informed decision-making.

Streamline Timekeeping, Empower Your Workforce

By implementing an offline time capture solution for UKG Ready, organizations can overcome the timekeeping challenges associated with a mobile workforce. This technology ensures accurate and efficient time tracking, reduces administrative burdens, and empowers employees with self-service tools. Contact CloudApper today to learn more about our innovative offline time capture solution and see how it can seamlessly integrate with your UKG Ready system.