Ensuring accurate and efficient timekeeping for construction crews can be a challenge. Standard methods often rely on physical punch cards or time clocks stationed at a central location. This becomes impractical for a workforce that is constantly on the move, spread across different job sites. These limitations can lead to payroll calculation errors and difficulty tracking project costs.  However, solutions like CloudApper AI, an iPad-based time clock solution that integrates seamlessly with Kronos/UKG, provide construction companies with a reliable and user-friendly method for tracking employee hours, regardless of location.

CloudApper AI leverages the power of existing mobile technology. By utilizing familiar Android or iOS devices as time clocks, CloudApper AI empowers employees to clock in and out seamlessly from various job locations. This eliminates the risks associated with fixed time clock systems and provides a flexible solution for a constantly mobile workforce.


Even in remote areas with unreliable internet connectivity, CloudApper AI’s offline functionality ensures workers can clock in and out seamlessly. The system buffers this data and syncs it automatically when a connection is re-established, eliminating concerns about lost time tracking due to spotty reception. Additionally, GPS location tracking provides valuable insights into where employees clock in and out, aiding in project management and crew scheduling.  Furthermore, CloudApper AI empowers employees with a self-service portal. This allows them to access their timesheets, view paystubs, and even request time off directly from the time clock solution.

CloudApper AI TimeClock integrates seamlessly with UKG solutions, creating a frictionless data flow between timekeeping and payroll systems. This integration acts as a bridge, eliminating the need for manual data entry – a process prone to errors and inconsistencies. By automating the transfer of employee time data, CloudApper AI minimizes discrepancies and streamlines payroll processing for construction companies. This saves valuable time for HR personnel and ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time, boosting overall efficiency and employee satisfaction.


CloudApper AI TimeClock revolutionizes timekeeping for construction companies.  By leveraging mobile technology and seamless UKG integration, CloudApper AI eliminates the limitations of standard methods. Offline functionality ensures data capture even in remote locations, while GPS tracking aids in project management.  Employee self-service empowers your workforce and streamlines HR processes. Contact CloudApper AI today to learn more about how CloudApper AI TimeClock can improve your company’s efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction.