Several organizations, especially in the US, heavily rely on employee time clocks. These systems are necessary because they help calculate employee data such as attendance, leave, overtime, etc. which are crucial for payroll. UKG provides the leading workforce management systems that help with all of this and more.

While time clocks are a constant for these organizations, many of them require changes in how the employee punches in or out. In short, organizations require custom employee time capture solutions. For instance, an organization can choose to use UKG’s standard time capture system or go for third-party systems. It comes down to affordability, convenience, learning curve, or a combination of all of it.

While we’ve talked about our time capture solution several times, let’s focus on something new we’ve created for UKG customers – a custom solution that captures employee punches in bulk.

What is the CloudApper Group Punch Solution for UKG?

As the name suggests, CloudApper Group Punch solution is a time capture system that captures, and stores punch data in bulk. The employee time capture system can be used with Android or iOS devices, making it a versatile and affordable solution. It captures employee punches and stores them when offline. The supervisor simply counts the workers present on the field, selects their names on the solution, and submits the bulk punch-in or punch-out data – the solution stores it offline (if not connected to the internet). Once the solution is connected to the internet, the bulk punch data is sent to UKG, making it hassle-free.

Which Organizations Should Use the CloudApper Group Punch Solution?

The CloudApper Group Punch solution is perfect for UKG customers with large crews working in remote locations with limited or no internet, such as construction sites, ports, or mining sites. These organizations often face challenges when tracking employee time and attendance because of the lack of internet connectivity. With CloudApper’s Group Punch solution for UKG, supervisors easily capture employee punches in bulk, even without any internet connection.

But why should organizations use CloudApper’s Group Punch solution for UKG?

Reasons UKG Customers Should Choose the Group Punch Solution

It Captures Employee Punches in Bulk

One of the biggest problems with crews working on the field is capturing their punch data, especially if there are a lot of employees. More workers mean it will take longer to punch all of them in and out of UKG. CloudApper Group Punch for UKG solves the problem easily, making employee punch submissions more convenient than ever. It allows the supervisor to simply count the employees present and capture their punches in bulk with just a few taps on their authorized device – saving time and reducing errors.

It Stores Punches Offline

While the Group Punch solution is for UKG customers with large crews, it’s perfect for crews working on the field without internet coverage. For instance, construction crews get sent out to different locations – some of which might not have good internet coverage. In such cases, the supervisor captures the punches which are stored offline. Once the supervisor gets access to the internet, they send the punch data to UKG – making it a hassle-free experience.

It is Extremely Cost-effective

The Group Punch solution doesn’t require expensive time clocks. Our employee time capture system can be used with any Android or iOS device – making it highly affordable. As a result, the organization only needs to provide the supervisor with an Android or iOS device with our solution installed – it simply captures the punch data on the field and sends it to UKG when the internet is available.


The CloudApper Group Punch solution for UKG is ideal for organizations that have large crews working in remote areas with limited or no internet connectivity. It simplifies tracking employee time and attendance by allowing managers to capture punches in bulk.

However, that’s just one feature organizations can add to their existing UKG solutions. Our CloudApper community for UKG can create any feature, customize it, and easily add to any UKG customer’s solution since both solutions integrate seamlessly. With CloudApper, UKG customers can add custom employee time capture systems, attestations, business intelligence dashboards, ping employees before their shifts, and so much more!

Contact us now to learn how our CloudApper platform can customize and revolutionize your workforce management processes.