Precise leave management is critical for organizational efficiency. Even robust timekeeping systems frequently need help with the complexities of modern leave policies. CloudApper AI TimeClock emerges as a solution that seamlessly integrates with UKG and provides unparalleled flexibility in leave time tracking.

Beyond Hours:

CloudApper AI TimeClock breaks the shackles of hour-based limitations, providing the versatility to track leave time in hours, days, or weeks. This adaptability caters to diverse organizational needs, ensuring convenience and compliance.

Seamless UKG Integration:

The integration with UKG ensures effortless data synchronization and centralized management. CloudApper complements the functionalities of UKG, enhancing leave-tracking capabilities.

Customizable Leave Types:

Define and categorize various leave types – annual, sick, personal, etc. This customization facilitates accurate tracking and insightful reporting.

Automated Accruals:

Automate the accumulation of leave based on the company’s rules. This will get rid of the need to do calculations by hand and make mistakes less likely. This feature ensures compliance with leave policies.

Effortless Leave Management:

The intuitive employee interface empowers individuals to seamlessly request, track, and manage their leave balances. The user-friendly design enhances the overall employee experience.

Automatic Approvals:

Streamline workflows with configurable approval processes tailored to different leave types and durations. This automation minimizes administrative bottlenecks.

Real-Time Leave Insights:

Gain instant visibility into team leave balances and upcoming absences in UKG. This real-time data facilitates proactive planning and efficient resource allocation.

Detailed Reports:

Generate comprehensive reports on leave time usage, trends, and compliance in UKG. These insights empower informed decision-making for strategic workforce management.


  • Increased Accuracy and Compliance: Eliminate manual errors and ensure strict adherence to leave policies.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Simplify leave management processes, benefiting HR professionals and employees.
  • Improved Employee Experience: Provide employees with self-service options and transparent leave tracking, enhancing overall satisfaction.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Use valuable insights from leave data to improve policies and workforce planning.


CloudApper AI TimeClock integrates seamlessly with the UKG ecosystem, improving leave time tracking and complementing its functionality. AI TimeClock collects data, which is then seamlessly transmitted to UKG and used to generate comprehensive reports and streamline leave-related processes. Contact us today to improve your processes, empower your employees, and gain valuable insights into your leave data