Industries characterized by more stringent security regulations or a significant number of hourly employees, requires precise timekeeping and its an essential aspect of their operation. Biometric time clocks provide a reliable and practical solution, and for seamless integration with UKG Ready and Pro WFM (Dimensions), CloudApper AI TimeClock arises as the leading option.

Enhanced Security

By eliminating the possibility of buddy punching, biometric authentication, which employs facial recognition, guarantees that solely authorized personnel log in and out. By minimizing time fraud and payroll discrepancies, this practice safeguards your organization against financial losses and guarantees equitable remuneration for your staff.

Improved Convenience

Biometric time clocks obviate the necessity for personnel to physically possess and recollect ID cards or fobs. They can swiftly and easily clock in and out with a facial scan, thereby minimizing wait times and streamlining processes. This convenience increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

Seamless Integration with UKG

The seamless integration of CloudApper AI TimeClock with Pro WFM (Dimensions) and UKG Ready guarantees effortless data transfer and eliminates the need for manual entry. This integration guarantees the precision, uniformity, and accessibility of timekeeping data for the purposes of payroll processing and workforce management.

Additional Advantages

CloudApper AI TimeClock offers further benefits beyond core functionalities:

  • Flexible Deployment: Available on iPads and tablets, the solution offers mobile flexibility, adapting to diverse workplace environments.
  • Offline Functionality: Ensures uninterrupted timekeeping even in areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • Real-time Data and Reporting: Provides instant access to timekeeping data and insightful reports, empowering informed decision-making.
  • Advanced Features: Options like facial recognition with geofencing add extra layers of security and control.


Through the utilization of biometric technology, the CloudApper AI TimeClock provides UKG Ready and Pro WFM (Dimensions) customers with enhanced security and convenience. The solution’s flexible deployment options, seamless integration, and additional features render it an appealing choice for organizations aiming to enhance security measures, optimize processes, and derive valuable insights from workforce data.