Dimensions and UKG Ready are two powerful solutions that help companies manage their workforces, automate HR operations, and improve compliance. However, when it comes to compliance, many businesses need help to maintain track of their employees’ activities and ensure that they conform to all applicable compliance rules. At this point, attestation comes into play.

Attestation is a method in which employees are asked to affirm or deny specific facts that may benefit the workplace. For example, the use of attestation may help enforce wage and hour standards while providing an indisputable record of employee conduct.

CloudApper Solution Community for UKG provides an economical alternative to UKG Ready and Dimensions attestation solutions by offering a role-specific attestation function that can be used on any Android or iOS device. This solution integrates with UKG Ready and Dimensions, synchronizing employee data and role-specific information to appropriately gather employee responses and trigger automatic actions based on customizable processes.

In this post, we will examine the advantages of integrating attestation into UKG Ready and Dimensions solutions and how it may help companies achieve their compliance procedures.

Compliance Procedures Simplified

The use of attestation has several benefits, but one of the biggest is that it makes compliance processes more efficient. The use of attestation assists in the automation of employee responses and the provision of automatic alerts or reminders to take corrective measures, ensuring that the company remains compliant. For example, attestation may provide indisputable evidence that an employee took or did not take a rest or lunch break, helping companies in avoiding fines.

Adaptability to Attestation Regulations

Another major benefit of attestation is that it may help companies adjust to changing attestation laws. Finally, an attestation is a flexible tool that firms may employ to enforce wage and hour standards and improve compliance. For example, suppose an employee arrives early. In that case, the function may interrogate them about why they are not spending their allotted time. This information may help employers determine if the employee’s early return was voluntary or at the request of management, which may affect the meal penalty that applies.

Detecting Trends and Managing Exceptions Proactively

Attestation may also help firms uncover patterns and manage exceptions before they become problems. By collecting employee responses in real-time, organizations may identify potential compliance issues and take the necessary actions to address them. By doing this, businesses can avoid paying costly fines and guarantee that all regulations are obeyed.

Improving Employee Experience and Engagement

Attestation assists not just companies but also employees. Allowing employees to make amendments to their timecards offers them a sense of empowerment. It will enable them to be a part of the compliance policy rather than a victim of it. Employee engagement and experience may improve due to employees feeling valued and in control of their work-related responsibilities.

If an employee forgets to punch in after returning from lunch, the function may notify them and allow them to submit a correction. This information may then be reviewed by their manager, who can then approve the change, saving time and improving overall compliance.

CloudApper Attestation Functionality and COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has given rise to a new use for CloudApper attestation capability: employee health and safety. For example, firms must know if employees have met a group of 10 or more people, go somewhere, or experience flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days. The CloudAppers Attestation feature is readily customizable to provide a straightforward approach to acquiring this information in real time, ensuring that organizations follow all necessary actions.

Finally, in terms of compliance, employee engagement and experience, and COVID-19 response, CloudApper’s Role Specific Attestation function provides considerable benefits for UKG Ready and Dimensions users. Businesses may efficiently enforce rules by automating response collecting and triggering tailored procedures while saving time, money, and resources.

CloudApper’s Role Specific Attestation function offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for guaranteeing seamless interaction with UKG systems, easing compliance procedures, and enhancing the overall employee experience.