UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is well-known and respected in the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry. Though there are many options for UKG time clocks on the market, the best one should stand out in terms of flexibility, price, and functionality.

In this article, we introduce CloudApper AI Time Clock, a time-tracking solution for UKG users that provides flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and functionality.

What Sets AI TimeClock as a Time Clock

AI TimeClock offers several features that make it stand out :

Turn any Tablet/iPad into a Time Clock: 

AI Timeclock is a software-based solution, which means it can be installed on any tablet or iPad and used as a clock-in/out medium for your organization.

AI-Powered HR Assistant: 

AI TimeClock has a revolutionary AI assistant that can respond to employees’ HR queries quickly and accurately. It can answer questions about HR policies and employee perks and automate various HR tasks, freeing up HR teams to focus on high-impact tasks.

Customizable Data Capture: 

With AI TimeClock, you can capture essential data such as job changes, pay codes, and employee tips, ensuring compliance with employment regulations. This customizable data capture feature allows you to tailor the system to your organization’s specific HR requirements.

Employee Self-Service: 

AI TimeClock empowers your workforce by allowing them to view schedules, request time off, access their timecards, and perform other self-service tasks. This user-friendly AI-powered solution gives employees control over their HR-related activities.

Seamless Integration with UKG Solutions: 

AI TimeClock seamlessly integrates with UKG solutions like WFC, Pro, Pro WFM, and Ready. This integration ensures fair payroll calculations and compliance with labor laws and eliminates manual entries, saving time and reducing errors.


Using AI TimeClock can save organizations up to 75% compared to other time clocks. It provides a low-cost solution by removing the need for complex HR processes, systems, and queries.


AI TimeClock can be easily installed on any iOS or Android tablet, turning it into an AI-powered HR assistant. This versatility allows employees to record working hours, access schedules, manage time off requests, and receive answers to HR queries easily.

Survey & Referral:

AI TimeClock offers more than just time tracking and self-service. In addition, it enables you to conduct surveys and gather valuable feedback from your employees. This feature allows you to gather useful information. Gauge employee satisfaction and use data to make informed decisions for enhancing your HR processes. In addition, AI TimeClock also offers support for employee referrals, which can help you attract high-quality candidates and improve your hiring process.

Get more than just a Time Clock with AI TimeClock

Don’t settle for a basic time clock! AI TimeClock is an all-in-one HR solution that helps you:

Empower Employees: 

They can view schedules, request time off, and manage their HR needs through a user-friendly app with an AI assistant. This frees up HR to focus on strategic tasks.

Reduce HR workload: 

Say goodbye to routine requests! The AI assistant answers employee questions and automates tasks, saving HR time and stress.

Improve Employee Satisfaction:

Empowering employees and addressing their needs quickly boosts morale and reduces turnover.

Go Beyond Just Time Tracking: 

Get a recruitment tool, survey capabilities, and more to streamline HR processes and attract top talent.

Begin your free trial today to maximize the potential of your UKG workforce!