Frontline employees are the unsung heroes of any business because they deal with customers daily. In stores, they’re the friendly faces you see, the helpful person on the customer service line, and the hardworking healthcare workers who care for you with kindness.  Companies frequently recruit frontline employees in sizable numbers within short timeframes, facing numerous challenges in the recruitment process. These challenges arise from various factors, including a high turnover rate, seasonal demands, or sudden expansions. This rapid hiring pace often leads to issues such as a flood of applications, making it cumbersome for HR teams to screen candidates efficiently. To mitigate these problems, companies must streamline their hiring process. Implementing strategies like pre-screening assessments, automated application systems, and referral recruitment can significantly reduce the time to sift through applications.

This article explores how companies can use CloudApper alongside UKG pro talent to simplify their frontline recruitment process and build an enticing workplace environment that attracts top talent.

Challenges in Frontline Employee Recruitment 

Companies often struggle to recruit frontline employees due to various factors, including the complexity and lengthiness of the application process. Lengthy application forms and processes can discourage potential candidates from completing their applications, leading to dropouts. Cumbersome and time-consuming application procedures create a barrier for prospective employees, causing frustration and a sense of disengagement early in the hiring process. This contributes significantly to a higher dropout rate as candidates seek more streamlined and user-friendly experiences. The failure to provide a straightforward and efficient application process not only deters potential talent but also reflects a lack of consideration for candidates’ time and convenience, impacting the overall ability of companies to attract and retain frontline workers.

AI-Powered Frontline Recruitment Process For UKG Users 

UKG Pro Talent is designed to strategically attract the ideal talent for organizations while nurturing existing employees through sustained engagement and intuitive collaboration tools. UKG Pro Talent aims to cultivate a dynamic workforce by fostering effective goal-setting and enabling continuous learning opportunities. Through integration with CloudApper, companies can augment the functionalities of UKG Pro Talent. Leveraging CloudApper’s hrPads text-to-apply feature, businesses can revolutionize their recruitment process. This innovation removes the hurdles of lengthy application forms and time-consuming procedures, significantly expediting the recruitment timeline. By seamlessly integrating CloudApper’s streamlined application process into UKG Pro Talent, organizations can efficiently identify and onboard top-tier candidates, optimizing their talent acquisition strategies for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Stop Frontline Employee Turnover with AI
CloudApper AI

Stop Frontline Employee Turnover with AI

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Share Job Openings: hrPad enables current employees to share job openings within their network, leveraging referrals to attract suitable candidates. This feature taps into existing employees’ connections, expanding the reach of job postings and potentially reaching candidates who align well with the organization’s culture.

Text-to-Apply Functionality: The text-to-apply feature simplifies the application process for candidates. Through interactive conversations with an AI-powered HR assistant, hrPad gathers pertinent information from applicants based on job descriptions and candidate experience. This streamlined approach accelerates the initial application phase, making it more accessible and efficient for prospective frontline employees.

AI-Assisted Applicant Summary: Using AI capabilities, hrPad generates applicant summaries based on the conversations and interactions with candidates. This automated process provides HR teams with concise, organized information about candidates, facilitating quicker evaluation and decision-making during recruitment.

Candidate Screening: CloudApper hrPad goes beyond the initial stages of recruitment by employing advanced screening capabilities. Through AI-driven analysis of applicant experience and conversations, hrPad efficiently evaluates and ranks candidates based on their suitability for specific roles. By scrutinizing the content of interactions, assessing qualifications, and aligning these details with job requirements, hrPad generates rankings that assist HR professionals in identifying the most fitting candidates.


Recruiting frontline employees is a crucial aspect of any business, often riddled with challenges from cumbersome application processes and high turnover rates. However, integrating CloudApper with UKG Pro Talent presents a transformative solution to recruit frontline employees efficiently. Businesses can revolutionize their recruitment strategies by leveraging innovative features such as text-to-apply functionality, seamless job sharing, and AI-driven candidate screening offered by CloudApper hrPad. These tools streamline the process, empower HR teams with efficient applicant summaries, and expedite the identification of top-tier talent for frontline roles. To unlock the full potential of streamlined recruitment and cultivate a dynamic workforce, businesses are encouraged to explore the powerful collaboration between CloudApper and UKG Pro Talent in recruiting frontline employees. Contact CloudApper today to learn more about enhancing your frontline recruitment process and building a thriving workplace environment that attracts and retains exceptional talent.