If you’re using UKG Dimensions, Ready, or Pro, you already understand how vital the data within the solutions is. But what if you need to move that data from one system to another, say, UKG Dimensions to UKG Pro or some third-party system? That’s where our CloudApper Solution Community for UKG comes in. CloudApper provides robust integration connectors that help move, process, and transform UKG data so that users can automate processes, identify hidden patterns, and make data-driven decisions.

Let’s explore what CloudApper integration connectors are, what makes them different from the rest, and why UKG users should choose CloudApper for seamless integration and data exchange.

CloudApper’s Integration Connectors Explained

Created using CloudApper, an AI-powered platform that writes software automatically, the integration connectors are robust tools that enable organizations to connect their UKG solutions together or exchange data with third-party systems. Other than moving data between UKG solutions, our platform helps pull raw data from UKG, process and transform it, and then display it on the UKG solution via Widgets or within our solutions. All these can be done with the help of our pre-defined REST API integration connector. CloudApper provides deeper insights regarding the workforce, and UKG customers can utilize our solution to improve decision-making, add automation, and increase efficiency.

Let’s see why UKG users should choose CloudApper’s Integration Connectors in detail.

What Makes CloudApper’s Integration Connectors for UKG Different?

Seamless Integration

Integrating UKG solutions with each other, as well as third-party systems, can be a challenging task. Fortunately, CloudApper simplifies integration – it integrates with UKG solutions without any hassle and also moves the data effortlessly. This seamless connectivity ensures uninterrupted data flow and enhances your overall user experience thanks to our AI-powered platform.

Data Transformation

One of the key advantages of using CloudApper’s integration connectors is the ability to transform raw data into meaningful information. Instead of just transferring raw data from one system to another, CloudApper processes the data and provides valuable insights that can be utilized for better decision-making. This data-driven approach enables UKG customers to make more informed decisions, leading to improved business outcomes.

Sends Data Back to UKG

CloudApper takes data exchange to the next level for UKG users. The platform not only processes the data that’s usable for decision-making, but it can also send the processed data to UKG solutions and display it via Widgets. These Widgets display critical information at a glance, allowing users to quickly access essential data and make informed decisions. By providing processed data to these widgets, UKG customers have access to the right information at the right time.

Benefits of CloudApper for UKG Customers

  • Improved Decision-Making: Gain deeper insights into your workforce, making data-driven decisions easier and more effective.
  • Enhanced Automation: Automate data transfer and transformation between UKG solutions and third-party systems, increasing efficiency and reducing manual processes.
  • Simplified Integration: Easily connect UKG Dimensions, Ready, Pro, and HRSD to any third-party system with CloudApper’s integration connectors.
  • Customization: Personalize your UKG experience with CloudApper’s connectors and solutions to ensure that you have the data you need whenever required.


The CloudApper Solution Community empowers UKG customers to unlock the full potential of their UKG solutions like Dimensions, Ready, and Pro. By offering seamless integration, data transformation, and sending processed data back to UKG for viewing, CloudApper helps UKG customers enhance decision-making, automation, and efficiency. Contact us now to learn how the CloudApper solution community can help your business.