In today’s fast-paced, modern workplace, HR departments may struggle to manage the schedules of thousands of frontline workers. However, things are changing, with a greater emphasis on employee empowerment and self-service.

HR would have less administrative work to do in a world where employees are empowered to manage their schedules, and the workforce would be happier and more engaged. This is an attainable goal that can be realized through artificial intelligence.

CloudApper hrPad, an HR service delivery solution built on tablets and iPads and explicitly tailored for UKG, is now available. Shift management is simplified with the help of this cutting-edge tool, and employees can take control of their schedules thanks to artificial intelligence. 

Discover the world of CloudApper hrPad and discover how this cutting-edge solution is transforming frontline shift management.

CloudApper hrPad for AI-Powered Shift Management

CloudApper hrPad, an innovative HR service delivery platform powered by CloudApper AI, was developed specifically for UKG Human Capital Management (HCM). This cutting-edge tool is a versatile solution that works with any iPad or Android tablet, making it an invaluable resource for both HR departments and frontline employees.


Another notable feature of the CloudApper hrPad is the high degree of customization available. Because every organization is unique, with unique needs and procedures, the hrPad is designed to be highly adaptable. Data capture forms, employee punching procedures, surveys, and attestations can all be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization. This ensures that the hrPad will blend in with your existing workflows and procedures, providing a solution that meets your company’s specific HR needs.

How hrPad Enhances UKG’s Shift Management Solution

With an extensive toolkit to manage various HR responsibilities, UKG has transformed the HR industry. However, it does have certain limitations, particularly when it comes to customization, simplicity, and sensitivity. Different industries have unique requirements, and HR teams often find themselves manually adjusting UKG to fit these needs. This is where CloudApper’s hrPad comes in.

Custom Data Capture

hrPad, powered by CloudApper AI, offers a high level of customization that UKG lacks. It allows for custom data capture, such as pay codes, job changes, and employee tips, ensuring compliance with employment regulations. Because of its high degree of customization, hrPad is a flexible solution suitable for a wide range of business needs. Any industry’s needs can be catered explicitly to it.

Simplified Shift Management

One of the critical areas where hrPad improves on UKG is shift management. In UKG, HR teams have to navigate through various functions to empower employees to bid for shifts. With hrPad, this process is simplified. The AI capabilities of hrPad provide employees with a personalized user interface for viewing shifts and bidding for them. This not only makes the process more efficient but also enhances the employee experience.

In addition, hrPad has functionalities for capturing employee job transfer information automatically. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, this saves time and reduces the possibility of error.

Personalized Experience

Accessing UKG’s self-service portal can be a complex and time-consuming process for frontline workers. Moreover, giving thousands of frontline employees access to sensitive HR information can be a concern for HR teams. hrPad addresses these issues by offering its features on a centralized Android tablet or iPad. Employees can easily access the system via biometric verifications and access custom functionalities tailored to their specific needs.

There is More!

But that’s not all. hrPad also offers a range of AI-based features designed to empower frontline employees. The AI Assistant can answer all HR-related queries automatically 24/7, providing on-demand support to employees. The system also includes a secure punch-in/out system, ensuring accurate timekeeping and fair pay. Punch surveys for employee well-being can also be implemented via hrPad.

hrPad also includes an employee referral system, helping organizations attract new talent and enhance their hiring process. And if there are any other custom functionalities that an organization might need, these can be added to hrPad through CloudApper AI. This makes hrPad a genuinely versatile and powerful tool for managing HR tasks and empowering frontline employees.

Take the first step towards a brighter future – embrace AI for shift management and unlock the true potential of your employees!