Managing the workforce within an office, factory, or plant is easy as long as robust employee time capture systems are in place. One of the best yet affordable combinations is using CloudApper’s customizable employee time capture system with UKG software. However, many UKG customers have workers operating outside the office’s premises. Moreover, these field workers might operate in locations where internet connectivity can be problematic. Field workers typically move in large numbers, and taking punch submissions one worker at a time is not feasible. All in all, with conventional time capture solutions, organizations cannot capture field workers’ punches in bulk, store them offline when the internet is unavailable, and send them to their UKG solution.

However, with CloudApper’s Group Punch solution, all of the above is not only possible but also easy!

CloudApper Makes UKG Customizations Easy!

CloudApper is a no-code platform that helps add functionality and customization to existing UKG software. With the CloudApper solution community for UKG, organizations get access to customizable employee time capture systems, business intelligence dashboards, custom reports, and so much more – all of which work flawlessly with UKG software!

With CloudApper’s Group Punch solution, we enable organizations to capture field workers’ punches in bulk, store the punch data offline, and more – let’s dive deep into the solution!

Group Punch for UKG in a Nutshell

CloudApper Group Punch is a modified time capture system that works with UKG solutions. The custom solution for UKG can capture multiple punches simultaneously. For instance, if there’s a large crew of twenty people working in the field, Group Punch can capture all of their punches at the same time. In fact, even if there are larger crews, Group Punch can be modified to capture employee punches in bulk. But how does Group Punch do that?

Well, the field crew’s leader just needs to carry a device with CloudApper installed – Group Punch works with any Android or iOS device. When the team is on the field, the leader does a headcount, ensures which field workers are present, selects their names on the Group Punch solution, and submits the punches in bulk. If no internet is available, Group Punch stores the bulk punch data offline. When the internet is available, the Group Punch solution automatically sends the data to the UKG solution, making it a hassle-free process. Moreover, when the fieldwork is over, the crew leader repeats the process and submits punches for clocking out.

While that was how Group Punch works, let’s look at why UKG customers should use it.

Why Should Organizations Choose Group Punch for UKG?

It Stores Punches Offline

One of the critical components of Group Punch is its offline data collection capability. This means that the solution can capture and store punch data even when there is no internet connection – something very common for workers doing their jobs in remote locations. Group Punch keeps the punches locally on the device until an internet connection is available. Our solution ensures that time capture is appropriate and accurate – crucial for payroll calculations.

It Captures Punches in Bulk

CloudApper Group Punch enables companies to capture employee punches in bulk, saving significant time, especially with larger crews. For example, if a UKG customer has 50 employees working on a construction site, Group Punch can simultaneously capture 50 employees’ punches, saving time and reducing errors.

It Enables Job Transfers

Whenever out on the field, a single worker might need to work on various tasks that have different pay rates. CloudApper Group Punch enables UKG customers to ensure that the employees get paid according to the tasks they complete with Job Transfers. For instance, Matt is working with forklifts when the crew leader punches him in along with everyone else. Two hours later, Matt needs to work on wiring – both these jobs have different rates. Using Group Punch, the crew leader can easily choose Matt and assign him to the new task which automatically punches him out of the previous one – helping keep a record of how long Matt worked on both tasks. With Group Punch, organizations can easily keep track of tasks and their durations for accurate payroll calculations.

It Sends Punch Data to UKG Automatically

Another useful benefit of Group Punch is its ability to send data to UKG automatically. When the internet isn’t available, the solution stores the data offline. However, the crew leader doesn’t need to manually send the punch data to UKG – our solution does it automatically whenever it gets access to the internet. As a result, punch data is synced automatically with UKG – making it a seamless and hassle-free process.

CloudApper Can Do Much More Than Capture Bulk Punches for UKG

CloudApper removes the limits of customizing UKG solutions. Do you want to capture employee clock-in data, add questions, or include job transfer details? Want to view workforce data to understand them easily? Want to ensure that employee no-shows don’t cause disruptions by pinging them ahead of their shifts? The CloudApper platform can do all of the above and more – contact us now to learn how we can customize your UKG solution to meet your business needs.