Given the cutthroat competition every organization faces today, the biggest ones are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and streamline their processes – something that can be easily done if automation is implemented the right way. One area where automation can help is employee self-service (ESS). ESS solutions allow employees to take charge of their own HR needs, including accessing their schedules, timecards, requesting time off, and much more. CloudApper’s ESS solution for UKG aims to revolutionize employee self-service in a number of ways. Let’s look at what CloudApper’s ESS Solution is and how it is the future of ESS for UKG users.

What is CloudApper’s ESS Solution?

CloudApper’s ESS solution is an SMS-based employee self-service solution for UKG customers. The ESS solution allows employees to access information and process HCM tasks via SMS. With just a few taps, employees can view their schedules and timecards, submit punches, request time off, and perform other relevant tasks without the need for complex software or even the internet. This is what sets CloudApper’s ESS solution apart from the rest – employees that aren’t tech-savvy can easily use the solution using any phone without any internet connection. With our fully customizable solution, every HCM task that the UKG customer requires can be handled through a natural SMS conversation.

Why UKG Customers Should Opt for CloudApper’s ESS Solution

There are several benefits of using CloudApper’s ESS solution for UKG users:

Improved employee satisfaction: CloudApper’s ESS solution allows employees to access important HR services quickly and easily without waiting for HR teams. Doing so helps improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Reduced administrative burden: With ESS solutions, employees can take charge of their own HR needs, reducing the administrative burden on HR managers and freeing up their time to focus on core strategic tasks.

Cost-effective: CloudApper’s ESS solution is a cost-effective way to improve HR processes. Our solution seamlessly works with UKG – making data exchange easy and quick. Moreover, it’s cost-effective for employees as well as they don’t need to be connected to the internet or download large apps to use the service.

Improved accuracy: ESS solutions can help improve HCM tasks’ accuracy as human errors are eliminated entirely – everything is automated with CloudApper.

The Future of Employee Self-Service

With the CloudApper Solutions Community for UKG, the future of ESS is looking bright. UKG users can easily use our custom solution to empower their employees to perform HCM tasks easily just by using SMS.

ESS solutions help automate HCM tasks and free up HR teams to focus on more important tasks. CloudApper’s ESS solution is a cost-effective and efficient way for UKG users to improve their HR processes, reduce costs, and eliminate human errors – contact us now to learn more.